I am vans. A short story of a modern Pop Idol.


Pop culture symbols

For Andy Warhol's era was Merilyn Monroe and Cambell's tomato soup, both of them are two of his most iconic artworks of all time no doubt about it.

So what is our our Pop culture symbols now days, there is not an easy answer in my head I am going from lady Gaga to K-pop which I don't really actually like or listen so there is that. I can't relate with them so they are scrapped.

Maybe Justing Bieber? Nah he entered the stratosphere to fast and was burned out. Also really bad music even for pop standards. Lana Del Ray? Great singer, not Pop enough. not enough versatility should have been an opera singer, God what a voice that girl has! Something that is way to relatable to ignore.

I need something more.

Why do I need to find a face though I shouldn't be bothered with that. they are consumed and they are used and thrown away way to fast to keep track of them. They will get their 15 minutes of fame I need something that will leave long after I will be gone. My own Cambell's Tomato Soup in a way.

Something that everyone will use everyone will see and probably everyone would relate. Clothes are fine and all but the style changes every couple of years we throw the away like we do with Pop Idols to get the newest coolest looking clothes to year but we always have in mind that our new top our new pants will fit well our old shoes. We rarely throw our shoes away unless they broke, rip or get to many holes to serve their purpose. But it must be a shoe that can be relatable with males woman, attack helicopters and whatnot. There must be no gender or a tag on them. Something like all stars but that was a pasts century Idol cannot really relate with younger people that much anymore. I need another shoe, a shoe that does not really try to sell but it still does. And even I don't know why I want one. It mostly comes in black? I haven't seen any other out there in the wild I am sure there are plenty but I haven't seen them, I am talking about Vans.

Why do I get obsessed and I do a post about shoes?

Vans is a design that will stay in the history at the years that come. It bridges the nostalgia of older generations like me that remember what All-Stars used to stand for back in the day and also the need for comfort of our today needs and standards. The punk attitude, the live for the moment and the casual without fanfares. The unfortunate enough uncomfortable stepping of a rock strapped at your feet that are All-Stars has now redeemed itself in this design of Vans. Vans wakes that feeling of cyber-"Punk" inside me. And I love it.

A big plus it looks great in any occasion and almost any clothes, I will get mine black though...
And I will get this printed for my wall.

Image made by me.

I am vans a la Andy Warhall.jpg

I used the well known printing style from comics and poster called Halftone. And did the "Merilyn" variations.
25cents shift hue and called it a day.

Yours truly.
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