My search for Health: Missing pieces of the puzzle and how I might have found a way to solve it


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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:

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Dear Rosa,

My friend OV is going through similar complaints (maybe different direct causes bunched under the current diagnosis of rheumatoid-arthritis) for the past 30 years. Things progressed from bad (psoriasis) to worse (current immobility due to ankles with similar symptoms to yours, which has in turn lead to the iffy diagnosis of gout, for which currently the godforsaken prednisol has been described). He has been on hard-core (anti-cancer) drugs for the past 15 years which in turn has destroyed his liver. As if they would cure a skin problem that is all about learning to set boundaries and go with the flow that is (self)love....

Then he met me, who swears by anthroposophical medical fundamentals (and other complementary medical streams, incl. Aryuveda and Taoist). For me two things were immediately clear: his problems started at age 2 (karma) and are worsened by a refusal to look at his life with a spiritual eye. PNI would be a good start: for it may begin to touch upon the source of the illness-picture (an overworked astral body failing to regulate the ether/life body). All head and not enough (self-)love however requires years of transformation before symptoms improve. Or a miracle might happen. At 57 I think there is little else for it. At your age, there is super much hope and cause for optimism that you will get to the bottom of your illness-picture. It takes dedication and a willingness to suspend disbelief. You are a spirit being trapped in a body. Teach it to listen to the science that is I Am that I Am.

Much love and support to you. A right diet full of light, life and colour is definitely the way forward - just go easy on the celery (there are some extreme orthomoleculair theories out there at the minute!). Above all stay true to yourself.


Hey @sukhasanasister!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for sharing your wisdom. I indeed need to delve deep into this topic, and I might still have only found the first (big) step and have more work to do afterwards. I'm just very hopeful for this road as it's the first time I find a 'real' alternative that both matches my way of thinking (pragmatic) while also basing all findings on science - part of the science that I know from my studies in Psychology where we learned a lot about the workings of cells, neurotransmitters, and more. I definitely hope my young age will be a helping factor! And support from many people who love me and want to see me succeed. I'll learn more about some things you mention that I've never heard about before and probably learn even more <3

I'm so curious to see where this path will lead me! I hope you'll be reading and commenting. I'm only 'cross-posting' on Steem as there has a lot happened on Steem and I actually now move to the 'new chain', which is called Hive, and can be reached on and Just so you know, if I don't post here, I'm still there: or

I hope to see you there - Steem seems to be a lost cause at this point.

Take care - I always deeply enjoy your comments and never feel like my replies do them justice.