Get Rid of the Past, If You Don’t Get Rid of the Past You’ll Live a Ghost Life.



Your life is not real, it's not existential. The past live through you and the ghosts of the dead haunt you.

If we can return to the past in a conscious way, if we can consciously feel our wounds, these wounds will heal immediately. Why are you cured? Because it is the unconscious that creates the wounds. A wound is a state of ignorance, of sleep, and when we consciously return to the past and look at the wound it heals through consciousness, and consciousness is a healing force. When the wound happened in the past, it happened in the subconscious and the anger was in our way, we could commit murder in the course of it. We may try to hide this crime from the world, we can hide it from the police, from the court, but how can we hide it from ourselves? This is painful. And when anyone gives us a chance to be angry and boiling, we get the fear of committing a second murder, we might kill the people closest to us.

Go back to the past, because the moment i committed the murder, I was unconscious, the subconscious kept these wounds, and now you go back to the past in a conscious way

Going back to the past means consciously returning to the things we have done unconsciously, just going back to the past — the light of consciousness alone is capable of healing, and all that we can bring to consciousness will heal and will never cause us pain again.

A man who goes back to the past frees the past, then the past loses control over it and the past will no longer exist in his being, and when the past disappears from your being you become ready for the present and not before.

We need space, the past occupies a lot of space inside us, it is a yard for scrap and for worn objects, and there is no space for the present to enter. This courtyard never ceases to dream of the future, half of this courtyard is full of the past and the other half is full of the future. The present is waiting outside. That is why we can consider the present to be just a passage way that connects the past to the future.

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