Good bye Steemit, (Hive) I'm Coming..


When I asked myself how after so long that I spent here on my steemit blog, I had to leave you, even if it was a temporary period, I felt it long, because absence grieved the soul, whether it was a long or short parting.

It was a beautiful hour that I spent between a sweet word and a word of thanks, a word of support, a word of friendliness and fraternity. It is a nice feeling to feel that there is someone who is waiting for your messages and words, an indescribable feeling when you feel that there are hearts that have you friendliness, respect and appreciation even in one word is the title to draw a smile and happy heart

These are feelings towards all those who sent me and who drew my attention to an inadvertent mistake, and who corrected me and who contributed to the publication of my messages and who liked my topics replied with a funny word and humor

Photo credit: symphony of love on / CC BY-SA

See you soon in HIVE. .


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo

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