Steem, Steemit, Tron .. The Next Unknown We Don't Know Anything About.


Lately there are many moments that force us to hold our breath, wait, and our future in the uncharted Steemit. The time we spend watching the news, which can change everything, is usually accompanied by excitement and hope, with fear and anxiety.

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The most people fear is the unknown and this fear stopped them in their places long times and on many levels, and the lack of movement was due to the extreme fear of what the unknown may carry from something, knowing that we face the unknown daily, when we wake up in the morning to start our day do we know what holds for us hours and seconds of this day? This is specifically addressed to those who plan for their day and how to spend their hours, how many times do we change our daily plan because of circumstances that suddenly occurred and were not taken into account whether they were good or vice versa

And if you know something's going to happen, and they tell you to choose to go to him or stand in your place, I think the vast majority of people will choose to stand in their place expecting something to happen to them.

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The sunshine and the beginning of a new day are unknown, we live in all its details, but it is unknown and forced to proceed. Few people give their legs to the unknown and do not wait until the crises intensify and are forced to go towards it, and this is consistent with the great rule of life that the best is always few

This fear of the unknown and I hope you know that when I talk about the unknown, I do not ask you to be reckless, and I think the thread between them is thin and transparent and depends on the sense of the person who will take a step, this fear and the reliance of what is usual may have caused the loss of many opportunities for life, according to one of the wise men.

If we bring our memories back a little bit and see the situations in which we were exposed to the unknown, especially the one who was our choice and i mean the unknown that we go to wisely and not recklessly, you will find it one of the most beautiful changes that have passed in our lives, even if they are full of pitfalls and difficulties at the beginning. But on the whole, absolute hatred of the unknown is not a good thing, it calls for fear, anxiety, and fragility.

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M'ssieu Abdo

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