The Tron Goblins Between Supporter and Opponent


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I tried over and over again to believe that the Elves and Goblins have a place among us in this world full of human beings and stone, they float with us and coexist with us, they enter our homes and deceive us without condemning us, sometimes controlling us and in our lives among our society, I say I tried and I could not go for it! I did not understand that in this material world that surrounds us, and makes us realize with reason and science every small and large in it, there is another hidden world in which other creatures alien to us sometimes live in control of us and control our destiny and the destiny of our community.

I tried with curiosity to bring this hidden world to see it and realize its truth, and I found no trace of it. All I realized was that there were elves, goblins and demons of human beings who entered our community, they would give us a plot, so that we would live with them an eternal and endless struggle. Forgetting that these invisible creatures have their own mental and not physical world, there is no connection between us and them except what the bad guys do to us like the bad guys do of them.


Life is moving rapidly, and the world is moving from one stage to another, and the legends of the hidden world and its people of elves and goblins are almost entering the stage of extinction, where science and human awareness stand in a steem-community that is self-contained and self-contained as a means of all that matters to man in his life, and what he controls and his mind and thoughts, far from centrality. And the ritual of the tyranny of simple human beings. I still don't understand the words of someone who says to me, "You are an observer" or "Someone who takes advantage of your privacy". In the end the world grows at every moment and is difficult to control and personal life became a commodity and a fuel machine but unfortunately not for you, and the concept of privacy is no longer but a theoretical concept and the right to do yourself to retire life if you want to maintain it, and to become in the hands of a violation of privacy of another kind may impose on me by a certain entity As any seed you may claim to put their eyes between the ways of your life, to control it with the new art of economic and community control that has already succeeded in making its way to us, and that is what I could not believe or absorb in the realworld of our concrete reality.

On the sidelines: Longing garv mixed with fleeting joy awaits me at the door of the night, I do not know how to give him a reception worthy of his place or to escape from it, my night is empty of joy or sadness, and I myself play the game of oblivion.

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Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo

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