Free speech:- dream in web 2.0, reality in Web 3.0

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Whenever you login in on Facebook, Youtube and other centralised social media platforms you login as there puppet because you can’t be yourself if you try to be you and thinks they will not notice you then you are wrong & after that your account will be terminated and you can’t do anything.


All these things are restricted to small users but now it is same for everyone either you are some big name or a common man when you break there rule they terminate you account there is no space for free speech on any centralised platform they may promises to give you privacy they don’t you believe, you fall.
So in this hard time of Free speech it’s our responsibilities that we take side of free speech not these centralised platform.
That’s why I would like to say thanks mr. @theycallmedan for starting this initiative and giving us an chance to share our views with everyone

hate speech is not free speech

There are some dumb people who thinks talking hate against some people our community is an part of free speech so let me tell you that’s wrong free speech is giving power to people to talk truth not bullying others and that’s what these centralised platforms are doing they ban free speech on the name of hate speech talking against government or any institution is not hate speech until the person becomes offensive and trying to bully them. So on the name of hate speech these institutions are trying to remove free speech.
We may all have different definition for free speech but we all agree that hate speech is not free speech but free speech is hated

free speech worth something???

If you live in independent country so probably you know that independent is not given free of cost it cost so many lives of people who fought for this and if you know then the biggest weapon against this is free speech so now what’s your opinion about free speech is it worthy, yes I think you got your answer.

free speech is free exclusive on blockchain

I don’t say it is only available on blockchain but it is also available on hive, we also fought for this and now we are independent and free speech is free and this free platform is paying you instead of costing money so join this platform to get the taste of free speech if you are tried of being an puppet. We welcome you on a platform which pays you and censorship restrictions.

Support this initiative by joining this initiative sponsored and created by @theycallmedan
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