Reintroducing my self to hive and......yes for steem as well

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I have been waiting for this day from a long time that I should introduce myself again because when I first introduced myself then that post was like started and ended one paragraph intro that was so small about me since that introduction I haven’t introduced myself if you want to read that post then here is link to that post who am I if you readed the post then you can laugh 😂 because that is really nothing about me, but the this is the opportunity which is given to me by new hive blockchain and I am going to utilise this opportunity, gonna re-introduce myself to hive community.

let’s begin


Firstly, my name is sumit and I belong to India. I am an dropout from the final year graduation. Currently I am finding job and an early investor in cryptocurrency ( which is very small but for self satisfaction I called myself as an investor because my friends thought so) this is an simple introduction of me but an person has so many layers and if I am introducing myself to community then they must know little extra about me.

hidden photographer

I love photography and from very beginning I like to click photo when I feel happy. Not an perfect photographer but I like my photos and my friends also like them I didn’t share them online till now so doesn’t know about the what majority thinks about them. But today I going to upload some of my photos which I think are great one


I was laying down in the garden and thinking about something and raised my hands and that makes me curious to take a photo because the view I am seeing is great so I clicked this picture.


Nature is always an attractive point for every photographer and that also attracts me to capture it this is the mountain outside my home and it always catches my attention, it was rainy season when I captured this picture that’s way this is go green and pleasant to eyes


Traveling through a bridge way to home and and suddenly I observed that there is an rainbow in the sky and I was quite curious to take the picture of rainbow stopped the bike and captured few pictures very quickly and moved on.


Last but not least and my favourite in these pictures I have shared here it was early morning when I goes to morning walk near a lake in locality and I see an beautiful spot and captured it.

I have few more skills like creating great memes which are really funny ( I think they are really funny) not gonna shares or should I, may be it will give bit of laughs this meme when Justin is trying to takeover steem and we are stopped him for some time ,


This is really funny whenever I see it I laugh 😂

That’s the end of my introduction hope you like my intro post.

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