What does hive mean to me, opportunity of lifetime or wrong step ???

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I joined steem in 2018 and when I found that it is live from 2016 then I thought I missed an another opportunity. Because before that I also missed bitcoin at cheap price and after that joined steem after two year that was an life time regret and it’s true and when Justin bought Steemit and started hostile takeover the regret of losing the opportunity is at the end and when hive is announced it is clear in my mind it could be an opportunity of lifetime that I am going to join this revolution in the very beginning.


So, what is hive mean to me ??

For me it’s an opportunity of life time and I am participating in this revolution. This is an opportunity not for only me but it is for everyone I am also inviting Justin sun I will tag him on Twitter and I will invite him after that it’s all depends on him that he want to use it or not the account is already created for him which he used on Steemit.

What I am expecting from hive ??

It’s not an old that what we saw on steem blockchain that is something that I am not expecting from hive?? I am expecting hive will be always community driven platform everyone who has joined this platform should matters for hive and hope this thing not going to change in future, I hope hive will evolve like an competitive social media platform which attract lots of people who are unaware of blockchain. Steem has changed life’s of so many people hope that things will be continued on this hive platform. I think I missed talking about price if above all the things I have talked gone right then you don’t have to see the price because it will be high and I am confident about that.

but , what about large funded dao will it help hive to grow??

Yes, it will definitely as we have seen so many times of steem that there are not enough money for developers so they have started ads on the platform which is annoying to me. I think here the things are going to be different because we have large amount of dao funds which will definitely help hive ecosystems to grow rapidly.

so what does it mean to you ??

As this is the first initiative started by @theycallmedan on hive chain we should all answer this question because we have created something great which is hive so, I know it’s is important for everyone we know but we can express it so outside of hive can feel us uniting.

Steem gone, hive on

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