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A couple days back I wrote about winning the lottery and perhaps we already have. After looking at some more housing options tonight, my wife said, "If only we won the lottery, just a little bit extra would do". It is interesting how little is actually needed at times, yet it can feel so far away, so out of reach.

A simple little piece of paper with some random numbers on it can change life forever.

But there are many things that change our lives. Watching a pretty girl dance led me into a smile, a touch of a hand, first words, ice cream together, engagement, marriage and a child. The smallest things tend to have the most profound effects on our lives, yet we only think about the large goals ahead. We feel that we can engineer the future, without recognizing all of those micro events that make it all possible.

Perhaps my wife and I should enter the lottery, buy a ticket, throw a hail Mary. It just doesn't seem to be our way in life and the idea of "well, someone has to win" doesn't seem to attract us, at least anymore. It could be that getting older removes that sense that anything is possible and replaces it with the understanding that in all likelihood, it is going to take work for dreams to come true. That isn't the dream though.

Not daydreams anyway. It is much more attractive to imagine our dreams coming true without having to perform all of the work, without having to face failure, to be at the endpoint having overcome all of the obstacles. I think we have the tendency to carry these dreams into our daily lives and as a result, we might start to act as if we have a chance despite what we actually do.

We create routines and form habits that might not lead to where we want to go, but they are familiar, comfortable and even when we know we should, we don't want to let them go. But, these routines make us blind, keep our attention on what we already know and close us off to the possibility of something more, something special, something like watching a pretty girl dance and the feeling of the first touch of hands.

While comfortable, routines come with the opportunity cost of opportunity itself as we focus on what we know and avoid the discomfort of what we do not. And it is a feedback loop that rewards us for staying inside our box, staying with what we believe is the best way, as after all, if it isn't the best, why have we done it for so long and created habits for it? We know what we know and we know that it is who we are, the way we are, and there is nothing that can change it.

Yet we hope. We hope for that little piece of paper with random numbers to change our circumstances, we hope for that touch of a hand to lead to the love of our life. Small things, tiny changes, going right instead of left, getting off at the wrong floor, missing the bus...

How many winning lottery tickets do we leave on the table each day.

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I think this is very true:

The smallest things tend to have the most profound effects on our lives, yet we only think about the large goals ahead. We feel that we can engineer the future, without recognizing all of those micro events that make it all possible.

People say don’t sweat the little stuff, but life is made of little stuff, put together into big stuff, assembled into large stuff. Our lives are full of minutes, hours, days and weeks. If we only think in terms of months or years we may forget to create, enjoy and savor all the moments which create a life.

Thanks for the reminder.


Something I am quite good at is taking all of those little events and using them to predict the large. It works much like a decentralized community for innovation ;D




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A simple little piece of paper with some random numbers on it can change life forever.

True, and it's scary to think how most of us spend a lifetime chasing pieces of paper with not so random numbers written on them. Oh well, they have random serial numbers too.

And then it's also weird to think that a lucky piece of paper with random numbers written on it would just bring so many other pieces of paper with not so random and random numbers written on them.

So much about paper these days. And numbers. Fun times xD

¿What? you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket? ...at least!!

Sheesh! Who would have known?


They make access too hard


Uhm ok, then maybe it should be better throw once in a while a couple of hooks to lady luck pond if we want she bites. :)


coins into wells

Winning the lottery is like a dream that might never come true for me but I still buy it sometimes. The only problem is whenever I don't buy the number came out or whenever I buy the number is there but wrong arrangements.

Currently, we are sharing to buy a set of number to save budget on lottery 😅😅


Perhaps part of the fun is just having the chance. I haven't entered into the lottery for a couple years at least.


It would be great if we at least got a chance. It would be enough. Well, I agree that when we chose to buy lottery, we play for fun. Then it won't be too dissapointed.

For me, it has always been the little things in life. Always and forever. Walking in the rain with the one I love. The smell of babies' hair. That first cup of coffee.

I did win the lottery, albeit, only a few numbers that netted me $418.00 which won't even put a down payment on a house, but, I never buy tickets, so I was pretty excited.

I always feel like I save $1.00 by not playing. Fate sometimes passes you a slight of hand. It happens. I am going to look at a recreational vehicle tomorrow that is less than half the price it should be. A friend of a friend and all. She wants to get rid of it as her husband had an accident and passed away and she doesn't drive it. She doesn't want to make money on it, just cover the loan. It is pristine and I cannot believe my luck. I was still several years away from buying one because I wanted to pay outright with no loan.

So sometimes fate happens.

I wish you luck on your house hunt. Keep looking and I know you will find something that is perfect for the three of you.

Have a great day!



I always feel like I save $1.00 by not playing.

This is a healthy approach to most lotteries :)

That sounds great on the car and I wish I had that opportunity the other week when I had to replace mine :)

So sometimes fate happens.

good and bad, we all have to play with the cards in hand. Some are better players than others, some have no clue, some have a great bluff.

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