Stay at home, share 3 travel photos (day 34, sea experience) - Challenge

7개월 전

It's Day 34 of the travel at home challenge and here's my 3 travel photos of the day, some water adventure that I will surely do it again in the future.

Red Coco, Agus, Lapu-Lapu

I forgot the name of this beach and diving center but I'm sure this is along the coastline of Mactan. It is located nearby Red Coco Town, a restaurant famous in the area. They also offer other water adventure packages like speed boat, parasailing and jet-ski. I have tried it all including the parasailing where I puked at the middle of the ride. it sucks!

Olanngo Island, Cebu

We were on the course of sailing when I took this photo. As far as I remember, we were going to the Nalusuan Island, one of the islands that comprises the Olanggo Island - which is part of Cebu Province.

Either Sulpa or Gilutongan, Lapu-Lapu


Either of the two, that's the name of that island I took a picture of. But I'm really not that sure because there are almost 6 islets that comprises the Olanggo Island.

If you like to participate, just share 3 travel photos and use the hashtag #travelathome. Keep safe everyone!

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All photos were taken by the author.

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