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The topic of this article sells out its intent. We have suffered from restrictions since the first case of Covid 19 diagnosed in Ghana. Some say, its against human rights whilst some say its a necessity. I was filled with sadness when i went to town to get some groceries the other day only to witness a soldier patrol team beat up citizens for not wearing nose mask. I heard a loud sound like a clap only to turn to realize that it was the sound from a slap a soldier has given to a civilian. Indeed this alone is against human rights. Nothing could be done and there was no report of this incidence by the victims. We all advised ourselves to wear the masks. As it was even for our protection.


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Leaving that to rest, Ghana has been able to combat the Covid 19 pandemic to a greater extent. The economy has suffered a toll and its about time we changed strategies. Last night was yet another briefing from the president and it was his 10th time addressing the issue of the pandemic. From his breifing, we have conducted 218,425 from which 8,070 are positive cases and 2,947 persons have recovered safely from the virus. Statistics of these numbers indicate a low death rate indicating we are considerably in control of the virus. As stipulated by many that Africa will die alot from the the virus, it seems to be false so far. Ghana has one of the lowest death and infection rates.

Due to the above reasons, it was about time we ease out restrictions on public gatherings so as to enable our economy to recuperate. As such directives are given as to how these changes should be enacted. Per the President, Schools are to be opened once again and to allow only the final year students back and complete their course of studies for the year. I personally applaud this measure as it will enable no backlog on universities, SHS and JHS. Also, private funerals, churches and all social gatherings can all be organised with social distancing and effective mask usage in mind. All public gatherings are also not supposed to exceed 100 in number.


As things are falling back to normal, we are faced with much higher responsibility as the pandemic is still present. It is hilarious but then scary. Nonetheless, its the best cause of action to take for now. How then are we supposed to return back to our normal lives if we dont start at some point. The pandemic has stolen months of productiveness from the world and i think its high time we stop playing defense and we move in the offence. Join us all as we strategically go back to normal life and grow successful together.

Happy New Month

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In view of this, conscious effort should be made to prevent ourselves in order not to contract the disease. Curated and resteemed on behalf of Country- curation for Ghana.