Original Experimental Electro Jazz /// TINKERBELL

3개월 전


I don't know if you're old enough to remember this. When I was kid we had indoctrination materials from Walt Disney at school, at my friends houses or I possibly had some too. It was a book with a vinyl record. You open the book and put the record on. The first thing they said: "When you hear the tinkerbell, like this... (bell sounds here)...that's your signal to turn the page of the book." Because I am now an adult with some judgement, I stay away from those, as I am convinced they are responsible for the evil of this world. Nonetheless I kind of use the same technique with this really experimental piece. Every time I hear the bell, I change sounds, melodies and instruments. Technically I put the bell there myself, but instead of trying to find flaws in my musical concept, I think you should just press play and enjoy the music.

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Like a top-shelf whiskey, this is smooooooooth and sweet! 😋


Oh well, have a free drink on the house then :)