New Year New Year


some happies :)

boo! hey, am still here! somehow... 🙃

am bored at work... (again) so here's a postie~

did you all have a good start to 2020? can't believe we're already 3 weeks into it, eh? 🙃

and next week, we will have lunar new year~ it will be the year of the rat! ... and now i suddenly wanna be drawing rats XD

anyway, i had a great turn of the year :D spent it with family and friends, and had heaps and heaps of great food :D

very happy!

some sads :(

on the other hand, australia's not doing so well :( the bushfire is still burning... and it has been burning since october last year. yeah, months and months and months now! more than SIX times bigger than the 2018 Californian fire and at least TWICE as big as the Siberian fire from last year. More than a billion animals have died in the fire, too. Lots of poor koalas and kangaroos and other Australian animals :( Poor animals. And more than 300 million tonnes of CO2 has been released into the world's air... and 25 people have perished, too.


if you have donated/helped somehow, this particular australian says: THANK YOU~ <3!!!

if you haven't, here's some links where you can contribute to save some koalas:

There. You can choose one that you sort of trust from the many.

If you want to read up more on how bad it has been, here's a good article from BBC:

And another one from TIME:

This is the wikipedia article maintained JUST for the current bushfire disaster:

Here's a pic of the scale, for your comparison:

If you dont have monies or can't afford to donate, please help by raising awareness and talking about this climate catastrophe in your social media places... every little action helps!

Help save the koalas, please~

okei, that's all from me for now o/

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.

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Hey spider, nice to see you beeing active! is really hard to imagine how the fires can burn this long. We have in Germany also some forest fires last year because of the hot and dry summer.


Hey yo o/ Nice to see you, too <3 !

Yeah, it's been mindboggling that it has burned for this long and it is still burning and will still be burning for weeks yet > __ < Catastrophic!

I hope you will have a mild summer this year when the season returns to Germany, for sure <3

Happy new year, happy to see a post from you again! I had no idea you were australian though, stay safe !


Thank you~

I live in Melbourne, so it's been mostly safe. The worst thing we've had to deal with has been the terrible air pollution, but other than that, I'm doing well! :)

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geez I knew the wildfires were big but I guess I hadn't really comprehended HOW big. :(


they are catastrophically huge :(

koalas will be functionally extinct if we dont save 'em :(

there's still some at west side of the country but the numbers already lost in this bushfire will drive the species into a category of endangered animals :(


Koalas can't drink water while looking up, they will choke on it and they can't absorb a lot of water at once!


yes, some of them have died after being rescued from the fire because they took too much water at once since the people rescuing them didn't realise that they can't quite absorb that much water in one intake > __ < poor koalas~

Nice artwork :)


Thank you!

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Great to see you posting again @veryspider! It's really sad how so many animals are dying in the bush fire. I am hoping for a miracle.

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Hi hi ! How are you doing? <3 It's nice to see yashny, always ! :D

And yeah, those poor animals... they are helpless, and I dont know if a miracle will happen. Maybe people need to do more since sometimes miracles do not happen > __ <

Happy New Year Spidey! So glad to see you and yes! Those fires are devastating! Everyone needs to give or help where they can!

I love your drawing and do you write for nano? Just wondering.:) Miss seeing you here and so glad you dropped by to say hello!

Oh, my! You got me so excited about seeing you, I forgot to !tip you!


Happy New Year, @dswigle ! <3 Always very nice to see you <333333

And yes, the fire has been disastrous > __ <

Thank you for kind comments <3 I didn't do NaNo in 2019, but I did it in the years before (have beat it 3 times ! :D)

Did you do NaNo? :O

Missing you also, hope you are doing well <3 !!! Thank you for comment and tip, as always <33333333


I do and have beat it a total of 1 ten. I have submitted it 10 times. :) Did you end up publishing or just for fun as I do? :)

I didn't even do it on flowers! Who knew! LOL


Might publish them one day but will need a lot of edit first hahaha~

And wow, you beat it 10 times ! THAT's AMAZING!!!!

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Been a while friend. I hope you had a great Christmas and new year.
Missed your fantastic drawings.

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Yes indeed, I did. Thank you.

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, too.

spiddiiii! i dont see you here that often anymore! whats keeping you busy these days? btw, sorry to hear about your country, you be safe there!


Anddddyyyyyyy :D Hi hi hi~ I'm still busy doing the same thing, drawing, blogging, writing, gaming :D Just not at Steemit~

What's Andy up to? :D

Yes, I am relatively safe! Thank you for care <333333333


been busy IRL but all good. which site are you blogging nowadays spiddi?


just the regular social media places. not another crypto based space :>

it's good to hear andy's busy but doing good ! :D


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thanks scrawleroo <3 ! and helpie ! <33333333

It’s sad to think the whole planet is now wrapped in those emission via the stratosphere...
Much love to you!


Yes, it is a climate emergency > __ < And yet the Australian government denies climate change science > __ < They just wanna line their pockets and they don't want to admit that they need to be doing policies that will reduce their earnings... So evil! GAH!

So good to see you again my dear friend and we are also here in oc now. We have a fire team here in South Africa that has offered to help in Aus and let's see what happens.
Stay safe and know that all of you are in our prayers!


Hello <3 Always nice to see you, @papilloncharity!

Thank you so much for the help from South Africa :) We appreciate it <3 !


Thank you and we last communicated a year ago my friend Lol
Blessings to you!

glad to see you posting again @veryspider. Even though we are finally getting some decent rain, it was rain a bit too late for those who lost their lives and homes :(

Hope you are well and get ready for the lunar year next week!!


@travelgirl <3 !!!

Yeah, we've had a bit of rain too, but I think the areas where the fires remain out of control are still burning badly :( There's too little periods of reprieve, they say... And yes! So many homes lost > __ < I can't imagine people whose properties have burnt down, with all their memories and keepsakes and valuable things ...all lost in the fire > ___ <

And then, where will all these people stay? Where will they get the support to rebuild???

So much strife > __ <

... on the other hand, I am definitely looking forward to CNY ! :D can't wait to our annual yum cha with friends and family :D :D :D

I hope you will be enjoying Lunar New Year, also, @Travelgirl <33333

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Happy New year!! <3 i wish you the best :)


Happy New Year to you too :D !!!

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Nice sketch and welcome back again! :)

And yeah, I think a lot of world is sad to see Australia still burning right now. Its pretty devastating. I hope things get better for y’all down under and hope you’re staying safe as well!

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Hey hey~

This is the frequency I'm likely to be active so, I guess it will be welcome back again and again XD;;; Thank you for the welcome back, though <33333 You are very nice * ___ *

And thank you also for your care for burning Australia <3333333333


Sure thing! X3

And no problem! I actually sent some money to y'all the other day to see if that'll help the country a little bit more. :3


oh man, that's awesome, thank you so much !!!


Sure thing! X3 Hope things are calming down over there.

  ·  작년

Forest fires are a serious matter. I once saw a video of a man leaving these Siberian forest fires along the way - it literally looked like escaping from hell. I keep my fingers crossed for you there, be safe! You need serious international help at the state level there.


Yeah, they are terrible > __ < And all of our rural fire fighters are VOLUNTEERS :O They don't get paid to fight the burning fires :O

I do hope help is getting to where it's needed!

Oh you are still around! Glad to see you pop in now and again, I'm trying, this year, to get back to weekly postings. I sort of missed Steemit and hope some of the old crew will still be about :)

We hear so much about the fires over there, is it bad in your area? I mean is there smoke and you need to stay indoors? It's so hard to get a handle on what it's like for the day to day average citizen down there. Be safe.


Hi Donna! Haha, yes, I'm still somewhat around, probably at this level of activity, just popping in every now and then :)

I hope you are getting good feedback for your weekly postings <3 Creating contents at a steady pace can be quite taxing, so I hope you will also take care of your own energy and health <3

As for me, I miss some Steemit, but thankfully there are other things that are really engaging and fun in my spheres of interest right now :D

In my area, it isn't VERY bad. I'm in Melbourne, so the most adverse things have been coping with hazardous air quality / pollution (so far). There's been millions and millions tonnes of CO2 released into the air since the burning has not stopped since October 2019, so the air quality here has been abysmal > __ < So yeah, there's LOADS of smoke and we mainly keep indoors these days, but it's still relatively safe.... compared to the others who are really in the fire's burning areas > ___ <

It's nice to see you popping into Discord too <3 Hope can chat and catch up soon !