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Hello Hive community, or shall I say Hello Hiveonauts :)

I've been working on a new project that will hopefully be announced very soon. As you can see in the logo, the name of the project will be HIVE HODLONAUTS. That's all I will reveal just because I need a bit of help/suggestions about the colors of this logo.

I believe I am done with objects of the logo so all that remains is to color it. And that's where you can jump in!

Variations of the logo:

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 1.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 2.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 3.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 4.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 6.png

HiveHodlonautsLOGO 5.png

Please, check out all the variations and feel free to suggest another color palette. I will also ask my FB friends (2k+) about their opinion to have bigger feedback on this.

I am also playing with strokes. You can see in the last logo that strokes are uniformed, not like on other ones where are kinda distorted. Feel free to suggest should I use uniformed or distorted strokes, even tho' that's a smaller issue here. The colors are what is important :D

Thanks a lot for helping me, I will consider every input and hopefully decide on the best one!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!

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