THE GRAND ADVENTURE... Choosing where you want to put your post.




Your write a post now comes the fateful moment where you need to decide where to put it...
Do you put it on your HOME BLOG ... or do you put it inside a COMMUNITY??


The choice is yours...



Your post now is on your Blog.... that's it... that's where it exists.
Now what do you win?

You win the placement of your post in the area of your realm called... "BLOG"


The fun thing is that you get to determine where you want your post to live in this magical land of steem. We have already discussed it can be happy in the great realm of YOUR OWN BLOG... or you may decide you want your brand new baby post to grow up and play with kids it's own age. So you send it off to school in the land of a COMMUNITY... Which community... who knows there's so many of them. It's almost as if there are as many communities as there are INTERESTS. (almost as if by design)


So your post about Toothpicks now gets to be with other toothpick posts where it doesn't stick out like a Popsicle stick... in that other land.

Now what do you win?
YOU WIN RULES!!! Oh and a home with friends??

That's pretty much the whole point of it all really... you put your post in a community. You win rules, a kingdom of sorts with kings and leadership and people.
But you know what rules are good at... ORDER!! A reprieve from the chaos that wants to swallow us whole

Here's the thing the ruler didn't get their power from some watery tart wielding a sword.
It's pretty much because they have these super long cryptographic password thingies.

But honest when you are sending your child(post) off to college you're saying I'm willing for that post to be subject to the ORDER and laws of the new land/university.
"I believe my post will have a happy life here with lots of people who will treat it nicely."

You don't want that?
... well... Option A could have been nice, if only you have chosen that!!
It's HomeSchooling!!!


The fun part about Steem is there is a button called "Resteem" (dumb non-intuitive name fyi) it basically like a Video chat window with the child that is off away at school. Heck it could be someone else's child that you're for some reason doing a video chat with and putting their picture up above the fireplace.

It's not your child AT ALL it's just a picture of your child... or someone elses child you're also proud of. It's not even like you're adopting the kid. but you have simply given it some shelter over at your place where your neighbors come over and ogle it maybe send some money their way to pay for books.



Yep that's pretty much what I want to tell you all: reseem your post if you think all your neighbors will like it.
Send your kid off to play with other kids in places they'll get the most love...
Then feel free to put up a picture up above your fireplace of that kid.

AGAIN... What I'm saying is post to a community then put the thing on your blog after that.


You basically want the kid to go to a school for an athletic scholarship AND get a really good education. You want them to be loved by multiple groups. You want them good at sports and math.
You think they should go to a trade school and a liberal arts college where they'll be equally loved and accepted and have really fulfilling lives at both places because YOUR CHILD IS SPECIAL.


Feeds are kind of like a talent show!! Your kid is off at college or homeschooled and you sign him/her up for a little competition. They go to the #cooking / #photography / #crypto / #science / #cat / #introduceyourself / #palnet competition ... the fun thing is there are people in the audience watching the show and you get to strut yourself. Is this where you live? Nope it's just where you come to perform on the weekend for a little extra cash.

You can have feeds (talent shows) of so many things even though people tend to think of the FOLLOWER FEED or what Steemit is now choosing to call "My Friends"
(Which btw just so you know when you click on that you won't actually see your friends you'll see their dirty little rugrat posts. So it's like you're actually seeing your friends kids when you click that button if you wanna continue with my crazy metaphor.)

But anyway... back to feed city 2000

You have soo many feeds to choose from

  • Following feed - Posts written by those you follow
  • Communities Feed - Posts written INSIDE of communities you are interested in.
  • Badges - Feeds for the public list system SteemPeak just created
  • Lists - Feeds of the private list system SteemPeak has had for a while.
  • TOPIC FEEDS - Posts that people lazily slapped a topic word to.

And the most famous feed of all?
... is not Rudolph with his nose so bright... it's probably the feed that says:
"Everyone do your trick and we'll see who we like the most"

Technically people call this talent show where every type of talent competes against every other type of talent "TRENDING" ... it basically means what if we put 10,20,50,500 thousand people in a room together and send their kids at college over for a little intercollegiate tournament and see what the judges think is the best kid.

"Ok what's the theme of this competition... ?"
"What group should it appeal to? who are the judges...?"
"Well who wins?"
"No one... we all loose!! Because we think it's important and waste our time thinking we can please everyone!! Or that a talent show should have at least a theme!"
"yay for us?"


  1. Choose where you want your kid to go to school (community)... you can also homeschool. (Blog)
  2. You can send your kid to school (Community) and keep a picture above your fireplace for your friends to see (Resteem)
  3. You can send an audition letter to your local radio station telling them your kid has a talent you think others would like to see(Topic Tag)
  4. You send your talented kid to a talent show where there is NO THEME and NO RULES. (Trending)
  5. You can tell your kid to make multiple groups of friends or get two degrees (Cross-Posting)


I'm in a weird mood... and i just wanted you guys to realize Communities are a PLACE and your BLOG is a place. Your post didn't show up in your blog when you posted to a community because you didn't put it on your blog.

P.s. I'm so proud of my kid I'm gonna unapologetically send him

  1. to the finest institution in the land. The SteemPeak community
  2. He's gonna tutor over at the SteemHelp community
  3. And i'm putting a picture of him above my fireplace
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How you managed to weave in Monty Python's sketch into an informational post on content organization and posting technicalities is amazing... Love it!

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Hi @jarvie

Do you think there's need to control whether we want to broadcast every post to all followers? I'm asking because of the same reason I brought lately on the discord:

I've build up my follow base by writing about science. My followers enjoy this content.
Do I want to clutter their feeds with my community posts with memes and questions about what movie to watch on netflix?

I ask because followers were one of the most precious resource on steem before communities. This is also how we find content that interest us - by following authors who write about topics that we want to follow.

I guess it's time to change how we use steem and the authors we follow should be really more like "friends" as steemit names it - not sources of content that we follow. This role is taken by communities.

Yet, I still think that too much of steem community activity happens outside of chain. It would be nice to be able to hop on on steem and interact with other users without worry that your silly meme will be broadcasted to every of your few thousands followers :)

Also @emrebeyler is working on something that can tackle the issue :)


Like the analogy. Helps me understand the whole society of blogs, communities and tags better. Thanks!

Hi, @jarvie. Would you put these 2 badges on list at Steempeak? I have created these badges last weekend but I cannot find them on the list now. Thanks for your great work :)

Hi @jarvie thank you for this post and I have resteemed to read it slowly.
Trying to get my old head around all of these changes and also thinking to change to steempeak, but first have to find the link.
Blessings to you!

Great post @jarvie. Creatively illustrated with "word pictures" associated with children. Love it.

Do you envision a future post on how all of this ties together with SMTs (whenever they "show up")?

And ... Any comments on all of these communities' uhhh ... "front ends" which are off on their own, independent of SteemPeak? Ideally, we would all use the same interface. SteemPeak ...

Bookmarked and resteemed.

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Hey, sorry for being off topic @jarvie, but I do not seem to be able to create a community. It should be the blue button with a cross on the communities page right? I do not see this button

Hello, why do many cases that I have helped people register on Steemit, never receive the access codes after registration ?
The message always says we will study, but there is never a follow-up. Do Steemit have any problems ?