Question: Is it possible to set steempeak as your recovery account? Do they provide a recovery service like steemit?


My recovery account is currently set to @steem.

Account recovery is one of the things I don't fully understand with STEEM.

From my understanding currently you need to either know the recovery account personally or had it as @steem as steemit as a link on their site to recover stolen accounts.

I don't really know anyone on steem that I can personally set as a recovery account other than trusting steemit or perhaps changing to another well know app provider.

Since I primarily use @steempeak as my frontend of choice I was wondering if @steempeak provided an account recovery option like on the steemit site?
Although it's not an issue at all too simply keep @steem as the account recovery, it's just be nicer to have everything provided in one place so in the unlikely event I lose my keys or get hacked I don't have to go to

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We are adding the option to change and manage your keys within steempeak. But we don't have a service for account recovery ...yet ;)