A day of exploration - About free tips, Landers and Missions

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Today was very rainy. It's a mixture of snow and rain that makes every step out of the door a kind of challenge. So what do you do in a Lockdown with a lot of time on your hands?

Today I've decided to go on an exploration trip. This trip was done sitting in front of my desktop. Trying to discover something new...

Thanks for the Mail Jon

Yesterday I've recieved an e-mail from @jongolson where he reminded us about this platform called Torum. He had already spoken about it a couple of months ago and I saw then how people were having difficulties to verify their account. At the time I let it go. Today however was another story, with nothing useful to do, I wanted to check it out.

Well just when I wanted to join the e-mail verification service didn't work. I sent a message to support and they verified my mail manually. Which is great because it allowed me to unlock the missions.


The concept of Torum is a kind of forum with an amazing gamification. As a user you are taken step by step to interact with the platform and for each step you get some rewards in the form of XTM tokens. These are ERC20 tokens and there is a XTM exchange where you can trade them.

There are quite a lot of missions and I've manged to collect some tokens already.

And by the way on Torum you are a Lander :-)

Let's make some noise

There was another website that I wanted to check out. I've seen @behiver speaking about it in a post and I wanted to check it out. It's a kind of short messaging platform called noise cash.

I signed up and recieved some free tips and with these tips I could tip somebody and keep some of the money for myself. The great thing was that I got some more tips during the day. I linked a BCH wallet with the account and now I get regularly some messages that I have recieved some BCH. All tips are paid in Bitcoin cash.


It's a very young platform but there are already some known people at work and it's kind of fun. I enjoy distributing my tips and seeing a part of them coming to my own wallet.

By the way, I've still some free tips available ;-)

Bring new viewers to our hive posts

Both platforms are quite interesting to use and can help to promote hive posts and bring fresh eyes on our content.

Let's connect on Steem, Lbry or on Publish0x

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I have already registered for the competition, there are several things that catch my attention the first one is that it promotes "lbry" is a network that is making a lot of noise nowadays and I think that today I will start in it, the second one is that you can earn a reward for being active in "torum", how much can you earn in that platform?


Hi, Lbry is a great platform for sharing video or even written content. I use it quite a lot for videos. On torum you get tokens every day for logging in, answering comments, writing posts, and so on. It's quite interesting. The token is not yet traded so I can't say exactly how much it is worth.


it seems very interesting I will look for more information on the subject thank you very much.