A monday excursion on skis

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Cross Country Excursion on a Monday morning_sm.png

The situation in my country regarding covid is not too bad but my government is scared of the mutations and for this reason a lot of businesses have to remain closed. This is also true for my own offline business in the leisure sector. I have no idea when I will be able to work again and I try to use my time as usefully as possible at the moment.

I spend a lot of time online trying to develop my crypto projects but I also need to air my head from time to time.

During the winter, I worked as a cross country teacher in a centre near my home. Because of that, I had hardly any time to go skiing just for my own pleasure. Today I took my skis and went for a big tour. It's a nice thing to be able to do that on a Monday morning. Definitely the lockdown stuff can also have positive aspects.


On the way up to the centre that is at around 1000 meters above sea level, I had to stop my car because a deer family was crossing the road. I just had time to catch my phone and to make a picture of the last family member crossing the street.

A couple of weeks ago, all the snow had melted and I thought the season would be over. Then it was snowing for a couple of days in a row and the conditions were just magical.


Today I decided to go for a long tour. From the centre, the track goes up continuously to around 1250 meters above sea level. It's quite a hard climb but I took a rather slow pace and managed it quite well.

At the top, the track follows a road that is closed during winter. This track goes through deep forests covered in snow. I like this scenery and I enjoy to have it all for myself. During my 1.5 hours of skiing, I probably met 4 people in total. It's silent and peaceful. You just hear the noise of your sticks into the snow.


The weather was a bit covered and the temperatures were below 0°C but the conditions were perfect.

The whole trip was about 20 km long and the fun thing is that when you come back to the centre, the last 5 km are all downhill. I'm quite a good downhill skier and I enjoy to try to accelerate as much as possible on the way down.

It was definitely a nice trip and hopefully the conditions will stay like that a couple of days more so that I can put my skis on some more before the season is really over.

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hello @achim03 ,
it is a beautiful landscape, I am glad that the virus is calm in your country in the city where I live the mutation of the virus is making many people sick very fast, we can only trust in god that we will be in good health and that soon we will enjoy a day at the beach with our family, your country is a blessing that I hope to visit someday.


The situation isn't very stable here either but hopefully we will soon get rid of this virus. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Wow, the view in the snow is beautiful ...


It's definitely a beautiful landscape :-)

Dear @achim03

I have no idea when I will be able to work again and I try to use my time as usefully as possible at the moment.

Strange times we're living in. People are almost begging goverments to allow them to work and earn enough to survive.

I'm glad to see that you had chance to rest your mind far from all this madness.

Stay safe buddy :)
Cheers, Piotr


Yes it is definitely surrealistic at the moment. Each month they say you will be able to open in a month and then they say, no you need to wait some more...

It's really good to be able to get away a bit and do something in the nature :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful landscapes, I have never been in an all snowy environment I hope one day to do so, greetings


Hi man, nice to hear from you :-). It's definitely beautiful.