How to deal with writer's block

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If you are in content creation you certainly have these days, when you seem to have no idea what to write about.

Well I have a day like that. I probably used all my creativity on the secret project I'm working on so that my idea potential has been completely used for today.

I remember that some time ago, I found a post of somebody who didn't know what to write about and I gave him the advice to write about not knowing what to write about (what a great idea :-)). If you are in content creation, you will sooner or later be confronted with what people call the writer's block. It's an interesting subject where people can learn how you deal with the situation. So today I decided to follow my own advice and write about that.

How do I deal with writer's block?

I've realized that when I had written good posts (in my own opinion) during the previous days, I tended to put myself under more pressure to keep the same level. That's often the reason why I have the feeling that my ideas are not interesting enough and I struggle to come up with the necessary inspiration for a post.

In such situations, the most important of all is to tell myself that not every post can be a masterpiece and that I should be happy with an average post for once.

Here several strategies that sometimes work for me:

Asking for help

Today I had the idea to write a little post on about my „problem“ and I got really some nice answers. Thanks a lot to @thatgermandude, @onealfa, @katerinaramm, @wiseagent, @Hykss, @cmmemes and @rarej for their kind attempts to help me to find a subject to write about. How great are these people! I've actually written down some of their suggestions on my list of ideas for further posts :-). By the way it's a good idea to have such a list.

In a way asking other people for help can be a solution but I think every person has his own interests and some things that he likes to write about and others that he doesn't. For example I almost never look at price charts. I try to blend the price variations of currencies out. My philosophy is to hold and accumulate.

For other people the whole fun of crypto is in trading. I totally understand that but I let these people write about it. It's simply not my turf. This is just an example to illustrate that asking for ideas may not always be the best solution.

Looking for inspiration

This often helps me in such situations. I go through my blockchain feed and look at the posts of other people. I might get some inspiration like that. In addition to that I often learn new stuff.

I totally went away from traditional social media. I don't remember when I last checked my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. For me the blockchain feed is the thing that works best. However it can also be a newspaper, a book, a documentary, a film or whatever works for you.

Switch off the computer and get some air

This is the solution that works best for me. I switch off the computer, put on my running shoes and I go into the forest. I'm a very slow runner and I enjoy thinking while I'm running. That's how I get the best ideas.

The other moment that I get ideas is during the night but I don't like it because I need to get up to write things down, otherwise I can't go back to sleep. In the morning I've plenty of ideas but I'm lacking sleep,

When no inspiration comes, then maybe it's better not to write at all

This is something that I have to accept. There are these days when nothing works. Often it's the days where your head is in a kind of fog and you don't manage to bring two clever thoughts together. On such days, I simply skip my writing. When I force myself to produce something on these days I'm often quite unhappy with the result.

Do you have other strategies to deal with such situations?

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I think all content creators face this problem, what works for me is that when I have a day of great inspiration I write down the ideas or make a draft of the idea, this allows me to have several topics when I don't want to write, on the other hand I think that just as the muscles get tired the brain tends to get tired too and you just have to get away from the pc for a while and let the brain rest for a while, running is a good option.


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. For me running is definitely what works best :-)


Thanks a lot for the tipu tip!

Hello @achim03
This happens to everyone.
Particularly there are topics that we prefer more than others, but there are techniques for writing that work for some and not for others.
Excellent topic, you gave me an idea to write, hahaha.
Have a great day!
Best regards.


Nice :-). Good luck with your post!

This writer's block always happens to me, I also realized that when I try to do writing under pressure I end up not being able to unfold all the writing, but when I relax my mind, the writing comes out alone and the more I write the more I can create new content.

The secret is to stay relaxed and do everything without pressure.


Staying relaxed and enjoying what you are doing are the key to creativity I believe. Thanks for stopping by!

Hello my dear friend @achim03, running out of ideas or getting blocked is something very common in writers, possibly sometimes because of a little mental exhaustion, which can easily be solved with some recreation as you mention, in my case when that happens to me, I also turn off the computer and take paper and pencil, I think that writing and erasing relaxed me a little, and so the ideas come little by little, it is more work because then I have to transcribe everything, but it particularly works for me.

See you later, thanks for sharing your experience with us, have a great weekend !


Taking paper and pencil is actually quite a good way to get creative. It's better because you don't get all the distractions from when you are online. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Greetings brother.

We have all gone through stages of lockdown at times. Unless we're new to content creation and haven't had our first crash yet.

I've tried shutting down the computer, but to be honest, I haven't been able to spend much time away from it.

When no inspiration comes, then maybe it's better not to write at all

Maybe it's true.
This reminded me of what was very sad for me, when an excellent content creator whom I admire, walked away several months ago (@majes.tytyty). In the early days when he stopped writing I asked him why he did it and he replied that he was waiting for the inspiration to return.

I respect the reasons he has had for not publishing again after so long.


When we stop for long, it gets sometimes very difficult to get back in the habbit to produce content. That's why I believe we shouldn't interrupt the activity too long. Thanks for stopping by!


You're right, we shouldn't totally stop. Perhaps slowing down the rate of publication could be a measure of mental oxygenation, however we should never stop completely.

I think the best thing to always do is to always ask for help in doing things you have no knowledge about most especially when it comes to writing.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕💓