How to generate a stable income from steem

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How to generate a stable income from steem

There are more and more people who use this platform as an additional income source for their everyday needs. By creating content, they generate an income that they can use directly.

Unfortunately it's quite difficult to predict how much we will earn with our posts and then there is the issue of not knowing what to write about. It's quite difficult to produce quality content on a regular basis.

It's also quite difficult to scale our income from content creation. Of course we can engage with others, build relationships and increase traffic to our content. There is however a maximum amount that a post can reach and therefore our income will always be limited by this value.

The shortest way is not always the best

Build a regular income thanks to the staking economy

If you want that one day the income from this blockchain becomes stable and growing, you will need the leverage that is made possible by the staking economy.

Step 1: Generate income

You don't change anything of what you have been doing so far. Instead of paying out your income from posts. You stake the tokens that you earn.

Whatever you earn from posts, you power it up 100%, you want your stake to grow as fast as possible.

Step 2: Get a return on your stake

As soon as you have collected at least 100 Stemm, you can start to earn a return on this stake. You can't predict how much you are going to earn from your posts, but you can predict the return on your stake.

Organic return on your stake

What a lot of people ignore is that when you stake steem, it automatically generates a return. Staked tokens grow without having to do anything.

Delegate your stake and earn

You can delegate your stake to generate a daily return on your money. You can use the platform and get a return of about 20 - 30% APR. You will get daily payouts. At the same time you will earn Tron tokens from your posts if you have linked your steem wallet to tron. Tron can also be staked and you can kind of earn a double income.

Step 3: Use the return on your stake as a regular income

If you follow steps 1 and 2, you will get a regular payout from your delegation and your tron stake. This will be your regular income. At the beginning it might be a good idea to reinvest this income to make your stake grow faster.

The big advantage of this strategy is that you will know what kind of income you will generate and it will be a stable one. Even if you don't produce new content, thanks to the organic growth of your stake, your income will evolve.

Regular, stable income that grows over time

Of course in the short term you earn more if you cash out the income from your posts. However if you build for the long run, staking will allow you to gradually increase your income and there will come a time when you actually earn more with this strategy.

The best about it, is that you have built up a fortune that remains yours but this fortune works for you. There are no limits to your return. Your business has become scalable. The more stake you have, the more income you generate.

You can even stop to create content all together and you will have a 100% passive income from it for a as long as this platform exists.

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Greetings @achin03.

Excellent article, the steem platform has allowed us to generate more income for our family expenses, it is important the constancy that we can have in our publications to obtain greater profits.

You share with us extraordinary recommendations that allow us to increase our income by delegating steem 100% to the sp, earned with our publications.

Thank you for providing us with such important content. Successes.


Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back!

Hello friend, as always a publication with great recommendations. There are many tools that we can use to take advantage of our stay on the platform and generate more profit, but not everyone knows them, much is the lack of knowledge so it is important to create more content like this. Greetings!


Thanks a lot for your comment. The more we know the more income we can generate ;-)

Personally I want to maximize what I earn on the platform, since my main source of income is the articles, but as you say "there is no guarantee of how much you can earn", that leaves us with the need to search within the platform. all forms of income that help to add up how much we can earn.


The more income sources you can combine, the more interesting this will become. Staking is in my opinion a very important component.

I want to add one more thing , delegation of your s.p will also give a good return. And curation also we can earn.


For people who like to curate this is a very interesting income source. In addition now that you also get tron when you curate it's as interesting as delegating.

Hi @achim03, I really liked this post from the beginning to the end, it has been interesting for me to know that steemit can be handled as an investment platform, and I have only interpreted when reading your post.

But I would like to have a more illustrative example of this:

Delegate your stake and earn

Could you make a post with some examples?

Thanks for this valuable information.


Thanks a lot for your comment. I would gladly make a more indept post about earning with delegations. Would you like to me to do a kind of tutorial how to delegate and earn?


Hi @achim03! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @tocho2
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Hi @tipu friend, so great example..!

Very informative thanks much.


Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, actually i have realised that success on steem depends on how determed you are. About the earnings on steem, one thing we should first tackle is the abating of handtomouthsm. Where we don't really work to satisfy the present need but we see beyond cashing out to meet daily needd.


Totally agree with you there. It's clear that building a stake is only possible once your vital needs are met.

Hello there! This is such a great and interesting post. I'll try the platform you're mentioning because I'm looking for passive income strategies with cryptocurrencies. Thanks for sharing friend. Regards. #venezuela #affable


Thanks a lot for stopping by!

This is interesting, the reward I earn from steemit has really helped me get a source of income that has helped out in so many ways especially now that things appear to be a little difficult.


I'm happy to hear that. It's a great idea to put some of this money away and stake it so that it can mulitply over time and give you a more significant income in the future. Thanks a lot for your comment!