My goals for 2021

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I have tried to set my goals for this year a couple of times but then I changed them and finally I lost track. That's why I want to set my goals for the next year in a more structured way.

Why I believe it's a good idea to set some goals

When you start on a journey, you do it seldom without knowing where you want to go. I believe it's the same here. If I set my mind to reach a certain goal, it will be much easier to actually reach it. In addition to that, it is motivating to see the path that has already been completed.

These are my goals for 2021

I've decided to set countable goals in several different currencies. I try to spread my eggs in as many baskets as possible for diversification reasons and also because many of these currencies allow passive earnings thanks to staking of different sorts.

Hive5933 HP10000 HP
Leo439 Leo2000 Leo
CTP16'440 CTP30'000 CTP
Tron3'035 TRX5'000 TRX
dCity837 SIM/day3'000 SIM/day

How I will keep track of these goals

I want to check these goals once a month and write a post about it to see whether I'm on track in reaching them.

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Setting of goals is very important and these ones are nice goals you have here. I think I will also set my own crypto goals for 2021.
Many thanks buddy


Thanks for stopping by. I believe that setting goals can really help us to be more focused on our path.