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A little bit more than a month ago, I've started to use regularly two relatively new crypto platforms, torum and

I've been quite consistent on both platforms, sharing and interacting every day since I started. In this post I would like to share what is my take from these platforms.

Why did I start with these platforms in the first place?

If you are on steemit, lbry, publish0x, twitter,... you probably ask yourself, why being active on even more platforms? This is obviously a good question. Every platform that you use takes its toll of energy and time.

I believe that new social media platforms have some inherent potential just because of the fact that they are new. People who join need members to follow to simply use the platform. If you are among the first ones to join, it will be much easier to get some followers than on established sites.

Another reason was that because of covid, I simply have a lot of time to kill at the moment :-).

What can I say after one month of using them?

Let's look at each platform separately:


What I like about Torum is the gamification aspect of the platform. You just do what you would be doing anyways and you get rewarded. I also like the fact that there is a place for short content and another place for long content.

I tend to write posts of both types quite regularly . I also engage with the comments on my content. This seems to be appreciated by the algorithm of the platform since it's sending me new followers on a daily basis.

In one month, I gained 2'236 followers on Torum!

What I like less about Torum is the quality of the interactions. People comment in order to complete their missions and this translates often into quite poor quality engagement. What could also be improved is the feed that you get. Sometimes I see the same article 3 times in a row because different people reposted it.

Financially speaking, I'm quite happy with the output. So far I've collected about 1760 XTM. At the moment the token can't be traded yet but they say it would be worth around 0.05$ each. This means that the value of what I have collected would be somewhere around 80$. What needs to be added is that a big part of this income has been generated through referral income.

I tried in a way because I'm not a big fan of twitter. I wanted to see whether short form messaging could be something for me. I have to say that I was positively surprised by this platform.

When I use twitter, I'm kind of lost. In contrast, has a very simple user interface and I can find the things I need easily. I see who interacts with me and can engage with the people I follow. I also like that you can use it on the phone without problem. So you can „noise around“ even on the way.

My objective is not to follow as many people as possible. I try to interact only with people that actually write meaningful content. After a month, I have 181 followers. Which I believe is not too bad.

In financial terms, I've earned 0.057 BCH thanks to the free tips that are distributed on the platform. This is close to 40 $.

On, there is also a lot of spam and especially if you go to the explore section, it will be difficult to find meaningful content. Discovery and a search function could improve the platform I believe.

How did these platforms help my content creation

When joining these platforms, the objective I had was to be able to increase my circle of influence in the crypto world and also to attract more readers to my posts.

This worked quite well. I managed to create some nice relationships. If I have to sum up my experience, I believe that it was definitively a win.

Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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Excellent information, in a few months I can stabilize my publications in steemit the next step will be to venture into other platforms no doubt that these will be the first to consider, thanks for the contribution.

I think I once registered in but I'm not sure I can remember my details. I think I'll go through my records and see what I can find.
I will like to get serious with and hopefully connect with friends. Many blockchain social media platforms are now coming up and it will be worthwhile to engage and explore them.
Thanks for sharing buddy


You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

I am present on both for spreading content there but don't have the luxury to spend hours on both.


I enjoy chatting on quite a lot but I try not to spend to much time either :-)


Thanks for the tipu tip!

Wow didn't know this platform, I'll check it out


It's quite a lot of fun :-)