Two weeks on – I'm having a lot of fun

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About two weeks ago, I started on a kind of discovery journey. I was a bit bored and looked up some platforms that I've been made aware of. One of the sites that I signed up to was I would like to give a little review of my experience on this platform which surprised me in a very positive way.

What is

Well it's a kind of micro blogging site. Imagine Twitter but in a much simpler form. To be honest I've tried twitter several times but I always gave up after a couple of days. I believed that micro blogging wasn't really my cup of tea.

It was somehow different with The first reason was that I met quite a lot of people that I had already seen on the blockchain. I started to engage with them and funny thing, I started to get tipped! Since my wallet provider sends me an e-mail each time I get one of these tips, my inbox was full with these income notifications.


That's how my inbox tends to look like when I'm active on

The free tips were a great discovery

After some time, I received my first free tips. You get them from the system when you engage with others. I was lucky to read somewhere that you should keep only 20% of the tips that you receive for yourself. Yes, by the way, you can actually keep some of these free tips for yourself! I started to distribute tips and then I got more free tips and I really enjoyed the interaction and the fact that I could reward people with the money from the platform.

What did it bring to be active on

Well the tips are great and after 14 days I collected about 6$ worth of BCH (the currency of the platform). It's two cups of coffee where I live. It's nice but this isn't the main advantage I take with me from this platform. In 14 days, without trying too hard, simply by engaging with people, commenting, liking and tipping, I have managed to get more than 100 subscribers.

There were also a lot of people who presented their posts on and I discovered some great content and some very interesting authors. I started to follow the people and they tended to follow me back. I also got much more interesting interaction on my posts. This is what represents the biggest added value for me.

What can micro blogging bring

When I see how the community is active on, I believe that we are both, long content creators and also micro bloggers. Honestly, both things go very well together. You don't always want to read the long posts. Often, you just want to have fun, post a meme, a picture or the thing that goes through your head at the moment.

A form of content that everybody can produce

In the world of today quality content is great, but if we want to bring the masses to the blockchain, we need a more simple version. We have to remember that not everybody is able to write 500 word posts and for most of the people out there, they don't want to spend hours on a piece of content. Micro blogging would fill this gap.

Better discovery of quality content

It seems a bit paradoxical in regard to what I've just written before but micro blogging allows to catch the attention of people. We just refresh our feed constantly on If we put links to our long posts in there, they will catch the attention of people and they might have a look at our posts.

Networking and interacting

When on, you share more personal stuff and you start to learn more about the people around you. I believe it allows somewhat closer connections between users.

Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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Dear @achim03

Solid read buddy. Yet another interesting choice of topic.

I must admit that I've heard about before, but I didn't pay any attenion since I've learn about it from someone I didn't know well. So I wasn't convinced if it's worth any attention and trust. It's always a game changer to be introduced to some project by person like yourself.

It seem that we both share similar approach to micro-blogging. It surely isn't my cup of tea. I found it interesting to learn, that you didn't feel this way when you've tested (btw, it's a strange website name).

Thanks for sharing.

ps. Check out my recent post. Hopefully you will find it interesting and worth your time. Link here.
Stay safe,
Yours, Piotr


Thanks a lot for your comment buddy. I don't like twitter at all and I thought that it would be the same for What is interesting is that you can tip people with the platforms money in BCH. This gives people an incentive to engage with your posts and it develops a nice dynamic.

Noise cash appears strange to me but it is good to always know about platforms where we can easily get engaged with other people and reward them also.


It's quite fun to use and you can even earn some coins :-)

Adventures of the online world. More than just the money, it is the satisfaction what matters. To be able to reward others is altogether a good feeling.

Thank you for sharing your experiences of enjoying this social network. Greetings my dear @achim03 and thank you for sharing.


You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!