Will it be the rebirth of Venezuela?



2021 will most likely see the launch of "Petro", Venezuela's digital currency that President Maduro has announced.
Maduro has promised that this digital currency will support the digital economy and transform the country in just 12 months.
To tell the truth, the currency was born in 2018 as an alternative to the Bolivar which, due to various embargoes, continued and continues to devalue, causing enormous inflation in Venezuela.
However, the method preferred by Venezuelans remains Dash for its speed in the transaction and the low cost, but Bitcoin is also very widespread in fact it is accepted by many merchants.
Digital media announced that Venezuelans will also be able to use them to pay for the public service and for all businesses for which the intention is to facilitate their use, including to receive them from outside.
I think it's the only weapon Maduro can use against embargoes, the United States can hardly get in the way.


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It is cool to know that the Petro might be the solution.