Terrible Mistakes to Avoid as a Youth

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A youthful age is a very crucial point in anyone’s life, you know that age when you are still able to run around when you are still able to fight for what you believe when you are still able to make mistakes and correct them and when your will power stands because you have the strength to support your voice. There are few people who un doubtly are able to achieve something meaningful even in their old age but the energy they would have used as a young man will be less than what they used at an old age, it is easier for a man in his 20’s to win a marathon race than a man in his 60’s, that is the simple illustration behind making a good use of the time you have as a youth.

Things you may be wasting your youths on.

Always considering other people’s opinion.

I am not saying it is wrong to take advice from people but what I know is that it is wrong to have people push you around all the time, the youthful age is when you can make your mistakes so do not allow anyone lord their decision over you, if you need to start a business then just start it immediately even if your boyfriend/girlfriend/parents abandon you, it is very necessary to follow your dreams it is better than having regrets later in life about the things you should have done differently.


Always thinking about pleasure.

The youthful age is when you have so much party to attend, so much places to meet up with friends, so many social media pages buzzing around all the time but that youthful age is also when you have a decision to say No to so many things that may appear pleasurable as this will provide you with an opportunity to work on yourself and increase on your dreams and desire to succeed.

The concept of reading only school books.

As a youth you still have the luxury of time to get into other things and if you want to increase your knowledge, beyond the school books you have to read you also need to imbibe the habit of gaining knowledge in other areas, areas like finance areas like improving your habit are areas you have to work on improving as a youth.

Making just anyone your friend.

As a youth you are the perfect description of the friends you keep, if you do not want to regret your youthful age, then certainly you must work on choosing good friends that are hardworking, inspirational and resourceful

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You right, I need to push my older son to read more about finance, etc..


It will be really helpful for him, thanks for being a good Dad.

When you are young, you possess the most precious treasure that humanity has: "Time" and that is why we must make the best use of it; and focus on fighting for our dreams. I believe that one of the most common mistakes of youth is to listen to people who make negative comments about what we want to do; the best thing is to get away from these kinds of friendships.


I appreciate your opinion.

Young people today do not worry about a future, just to enjoy the moment, which I do not think is bad, it is good to enjoy but that can not be everything. In our homes we should be taught to take advantage of our time, to plan for the long term and to take advantage of our youth to give our all and to have a stable old age.


We shouldn't enjoy at the detriment of our future, I appreciate your opinion.

I tell my young friends that the people they choose to move with shows through their attitude and this calls for walking with the right person's.


I greatly appreciate your opinion.