Accounting management to improve planning, organization and business management

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In the managerial world, accounting management shows the direction of the company, motivates management to improve performance, evaluates results and, based on the analysis, implements solutions, important tools for the control of standard costs, budgets, responsibility centers and works.

Source ( Freshbooks )

Likewise, the aforementioned author indicates that it can be defined as an information system directed towards the interior of the company with the purpose of improving the planning, organization, direction and control of the economic units.

Among the objectives of management accounting, the most important are: planning and control of routine operations, unusual decisions, policy setting and long-term planning, and inventory evaluation and profit calculation.

The purpose of management accounting is to predict cash flow; to make decisions regarding investments and credits; to support managers in planning, organizing and directing the business related to the company.

Source ( Exploreture )

It is to support the determination of prices, tariffs and tax charges; to exercise a certain control over the economic operations of the company; to contribute to the evaluation of the benefits or the social impact that the activity developed by the company may have on the community.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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