How the brain works in trading part 2

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In the first article (read here) we talked about the role that the left hemisphere takes when operating and what function it fulfills. We said that with this hemisphere we conceptualize the market in logical formulations that may or may not be helpful when implementing a commercial operation.

The right hemisphere does not need conceptualizations or pure logic to act. It recognizes situations, moments and capable gaps between operational and operational. We do it without the need of specific reasons or facts in order to act. This is what is known as intuition. Intuition is a mechanism, in this hemisphere, that we can develop as a tool. As a trader more than once he would have led your decisions. That voice that tells you, take this trade, take it, but you are not doing it yet because you cannot find the logical formation that your left hemisphere wants to recognize, and it turns out that it is in the direction that voice in your head indicates you.


So here is our first conflict. How can you trade while you can't agree with yourself? It is not a problem of emotions or discipline (these are other factors), we talk about when you are observing a commercial opportunity and you have it in front of your eyes and, on one hand, your mind is telling you to take it and, on the other, is looking for the reasons and justifications that could validate that action. Which it rarely happens and when it does, because it seems logical or reasonable, many times it’s too late to open the position.

The operator then finds himself in a constant dilemma that prevents him from performing to his full potential, in the best possible way. A good operator or an operator who is really beginning to do his job well, understands, in some way, how the mind works in the brain, in the area of ​​intuition and reasoning, and how it reacts to various scenarios. And he understands that he must have a balance between this intuitive way of acting and logical reasoning. So that before the market you are the most effective.

In the next article we will see how we can reach the consonance of our two hemispheres. How can we complement the logic of the left hemisphere with the intuition of the right hemisphere?

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Hi, @ale.aristeguieta!
Excellent info! Interesting topic everything related to intuition, logic and that way that they seek to complement each other to make correct decisions. Even more so in the business world when we have cryptography at stake that can fluctuate unpredictably, making us win or lose some important sum. It is important to know these characteristics of the cerebral hemispheres so as to be warned and to be able to exercise the greatest possible control over our impulsive or delayed actions, as far as business is concerned.


Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is necessary to understand ourselves and understand how our mind works and how it reacts to various scenarios. The idea is to reach a harmony between both hemispheres to act in the way that can best satisfy and help our interests within the market.

It is usually a conflicting period between the head and the mind when a strategic decision is about to be taken during a transaction, the brain certainly have a great role to display here.


Without a doubt, if you do not know how to control your mind or how to use it to your advantage, what you know or think you know about the market will be of no use to you. Thanks for participating.

One thing I have noticed and I have been thought about is that one should not trade with emotions that's one must learn to control his brain when trading


It is not a matter of operating without emotions or contouring the brain to eradicate them. It is to reach a consonance between these factors. Emotions can be of great help for trading only you have to know how to use the tools. This is an interesting topic that I would like to touch on in another article. Undoubtedly there is a great myth that you should control and avoid emotions like a machine, do not you think that this rather you can do it is simply an endless fight against yourself to try to control yourself.

I think that knowing yourself and doing philosophical work is the best way for this. Thanks for share your ideas here!