Essays on Current Issues are so Boring

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Despite having a newborn and being on lockdown, classes still must go on. Recently, I assigned some high school students a topic on baby abandonment. So I explained the topic to my students, assuming that they were quite familiar with the topic, I thought that they could write easily without any issues. However, I was so so wrong. 

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The Confusion

A lot of the students responded with some really interesting answers. Some of them thought abandoning babies mean forgetting to bring the babies home. Other than that, some even thought that abandoning babies mean neglecting them. It was an utter mess but it was a little funny at the same time. 

As such, I tried explaining the issue on baby abandonment is. However, that has not been helpful because they just could not associate the issue on baby abandonment with them. One of them even remarked that it was such a boring topic. This was when I had an idea.

Be Detailed , Be Gross

So I thought the best way to explain was to be as graphic as I can and so I went on to show the students pictures on how gruesome the process was. I described and went in as much detail as possible to the students the consequences and what happens to the babies who were abandoned. 

After a few minutes, the students started begging me to stop. However I ended with an explanation to them that ultimately, I wanted them to get an idea of what it was. 

The Lesson

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The point of it all was that it has helped the student associate with the issue. A lot of times, current issues are lost to the students because it does not relate to them at all. As such, I think being graphic about it does help. 

I feel that kids these days are a bit sheltered, or rather, a bit blocked from the rest of what is going on with the world. As such, it can be difficult to help them understand and see the need to know about current issues. Some would rather memorize essays than actually understand it. 

However, once their interest is piqued, they will be more than willing to learn and to explore more about it. 

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I feel that kids these days are a bit sheltered, or rather, a bit blocked from the rest of what is going on with the world.

As vast as technology has exposed so many things, I still feel so many shielding has been done as well, but the kids in this generation are really smart to learn as soon as their minds get exposed to it.

Perhaps most time I believe the student are not to be blamed perhaps some lack the kn