Gaming and Responsibilities

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Do you know what sucks? Responsibilities. Do you know why it sucks? Because having responsibilities kills the thrill to any game that you're engaged in. To be fair, not all responsibilities hold the same kill-joy effect as some, so let me share a few responsibilities that will definitely take the fun out of any game that you may be engaged in. 

Kids Make Me Feel Guilty Playing Modern Warfare 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Is The Best-Reviewed Game In The Series Since  2011 (So Far)

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My children do make me feel guilty playing modern warfare simply because for every one I shoot, I get questioned about why I did so. I even get questions on why I would shoot someone unprovoked. 

One of my child is rather competitive. Whenever I lose a match, she would ask why I would fail and that I should try to "not die" the next time. The endless commentaries can really hamper one's focus on a game and that can sometimes feel like playing with a handicap. 

Have you ever been in a sparring match or maybe a Tennis match? Now imagine sparring with only one hand or playing tennis with one's other hand? That is how it feels like when I am gaming with my kids around. 

The endless questions and the constant commentaries can make even the best games feel.... challenging. As much as I love them, I just want to enjoy Borderlands 3 or Modern Warfare in peace. 

The Myth of Games and Stress

Stress and Heart Health | American Heart Association

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Some used to say that with games, it can help us destress. I would motion that it depends on the nature of one's stress. Games are great if you have finish a long day's of work and need to unwind. However, if you have a lof work, then gaming is likely not going to help. 

I remember given a few articles to complete and after writing for a good few hours, I thought perhaps, a few matches on modern warfare would help. A few matches later, instead of feeling relaxed, I felt guilty for wasting my time. Responsibilities are such a pain really. There are days that I wish that I can play games the whole day.

Creating a Work-Game-Balance

I think that it is important to create some form of work-game-balance. As much as I, like many others have responsibilities. As such, it does take effort to have some gaming time. Unfortunately as we get older, so do our responsibilities. I know my gaming days are numbered. HOWEVER, before the end comes, I shall continue to game and hopefully, go out with guns blazing. 

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Hi @alvinauh

Certainly the vast majority expect to enjoy the games as much as possible and to get out as best as they can on that "not-so-anxious" day.

Good article, one of the things about being an adult is responsibilities which if neglected can consume your time and energy.

Grateful I am not really a game person but I envy those who are good with games, they appear really smart to me.

Hello friend, certainly games can be very good in certain moments or situations, but sometimes our stress levels or responsibilities do not let us enjoy the rest of the things. Everything must be balanced, not everything can be work, we must also do activities that we enjoy to the fullest. I love video games.