Long Term Thinking and the Vivarium of Education

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The Vivarium of Education

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I think there are many students who are placed in somewhat of a vivarium when it comes to education. Thes students are at times separated from what the real world can be like and since they are not exposed to what awaits them in the real world, they end up making rash decisions. 

I remember a group of students at a college who were given a scholarship. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend that allowed them to pay for food and rent. However, these students were aware that they qualified for another student loan as well. As such, they ended up borrowing more money to "have fun". 

Teaching Long Term Thinking

While the examples given are based on money, I think this is applicable to other areas of life as well. They say that school does not prepare a student for life and they are absolutely right, but skills such as long term thinking to help students make rational decisions can be daunting. 

Don't Let Short-Term Thinking Hurt Long-Term Success

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I have tried teaching long-term thinking to younger students and older ones and it can be extremely difficult. I suppose many do not see the relevance of it. This can be due to how it may not be something that affects them immediately. This may make them reject it. I mean, try teaching financial literacy to teenagers who have everything and some may choose to ignore it since it may not be relevant to them. 


Sad as it may be, I think educators should try to constantly teach the knowledge of long term thinking to the students. Most of them may not see the relevance of it. But by planting these little seeds of wisdom, hopefully, it may one day bloom into relevant knowledge for them. Hopefully...

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The mind of a growing teenager is always opened to have fun and experience beautiful benefits of life and most of them always think that the money to do that will always be made available but the right education will help this kids think more about the future rather than just the moment.