Why You Should Not Do a PhD

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From the last post that I've done, I thought I start writing a more negative post as to why you should not do your PhD. If you are, like me, you will probably find the last positive post as utter rubbish. So, this is for all you pessimistic guys and gals out there.

It's Not What You Know...

PhD Student Symposium | EDEN

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As the saying goes, its not what you know but who you know. This is true in pursuing a PhD, if you know of someone who is an expert in your field and is willing to mentor you, you're all set! However, if the opposite is true, then it can be a very tough battle.

In certain fields of studies, some professors may have their own bias towards a particular topic. Hence, contradicting them can be interesting. So, do keep that in mind. Also, it's not what you know, it's also when did you know about it. I remember talking about something that is extremely new and despite evidence supporting my claim, there will be those who will hold fast to their belief.

Do you Really Need a Ph.D.?

While some fields demand that you have a Ph.D. to advance your career, this may not be the case for some professions. As such, it may be better to upskill oneself in areas that could help in one's career.

5 Important Steps to Upskilling Your Project Management Teams

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This is important because you will need a reason to help you stay on course. Pulling the plug on one's study is an easy thing to do. However, what can keep you on track is that goal, that light at the end of the tunnel. It can be in the form of career advancement or personal development.

As such, it is important to make sure you have your priorities right before embarking on this long and arduous journey.

Are You Ready to Be Alone?

The Art of Being Alone. Solitude is nothing to fear | by Jenna Goldsmith |  The Startup | Medium

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I missed my days studying for my masters and my bachelor's in education. It was a great time hanging out and studying with those in the same course as me. However, during my time studying for my Ph.D., I was very much alone. I had to sort through challenges on my own and I would have no one else to discuss my issues with aside from myself and of course my supervisor.

That being said, I did learn a lot about myself. I learned how far I can push myself before I reach my breaking point. While it has been a good learning experience, there were days when I wish that I could have avoided it.


I think in the end, it's really up to what you hope to achieve in life. I'm happy to be at the end of the journey, but there are times when I wonder if this was the right path.

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In certain fields of studies, some professors may have their own bias towards a particular topic. Hence, contradicting them can be interesting.

I agree, and in life it is good to take time to experience new paths for yourself always questioning and wondering why the facts.

Most of our parents are usually very particular about us getting more degrees but the society has proven us wrong times without number, in my own opinion it should just be a matter of choice, anyone who loves to get it should go for it but anyone who is not happy with it should ultimately relax.


That's very true, although, to be fair, I think society has made degrees into somewhat of a factory product, we have stopped learning and are now more focused on mass producing degree holders

I am someone who doesn't believe in titles. What you learn in school is mostly things that exist already.

The real challenge is to bring something innovative that can affect the entire world. ;)


neither am I @chesatochi

we're clearly on the same page here


Exactly, I was hoping to be able to do that with the grants provided, unfortunately, I got squeezed back into the boxes that they have set for me. Oh well, on to my next project!


You might have the capacity on the next project.


Yeah, hopefully, but hey, in every challenge there is somewhat of a silver lining


5 years ago you've write post:
"Why You Should Do a PhD"

Now you're saying we shall NOT do a PhD?

So final question is: to do or not to do ... So confusing lol :)

Cheers, Piotr


Just presenting multiple perspectives to the issue. I suppose it ultimately depends on your field. In most academic fields, and depending on culture, even government positions, having a PhD does hold some weight. While I won't say that a teacher with a PhD is in any way better than a teacher without it, it is unfortunately a good first impression.

Dear @alvinauh

It's me again :)

In certain fields of studies, some professors may have their own bias towards a particular topic.

It reminded me of some experience I went through during my uni. I studied Marketing and Management and one of our topics was: quality norms according to ISO 9001

At that time I was already working as a certified ISO 9001 auditor and I thought that I may learn something from the teacher. All I've learned was ... useless rubbish. My experience meant nothing.

I never got PhD and I'm glad I never wasted more time studying. One year of running my own business tought me more than everything I've learned during my few years at university.

cheers, Piotr


That's very true especially if you're in the business field, my field unfortunately requires me to have a "Dr" in front of my name, superficial, but nonetheless a requirement.

Good thing you went through the university of life!