Energy use and sustainable alternatives.

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Dear readers, for some time now society has based its development on industry for the production of goods and services that allow it to maintain itself over time, this industrial model consumes large amounts of energy and raw materials to maintain its operation, today the efficiency of how energy is transformed and used is an indicator of the degree of development that nations can present.

Conventional and alternative energy processing sources

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In this sense, energy demand in today's society is used to keep some sectors in operation, such as the commercial, agricultural, industrial, transportation and domestic sectors, which are fundamental for the new technological models that have been adopted and that could be said to be fundamental for our survival, but this also increases the energy expenditure that could influence human life on the planet.

In the same vein, authors such as González (2009) point out that 33% of this energy is generated from oil combustion, 22.8% from coal, 18.8% from natural gas, 13.8% from biomass, 5.9% from hydroelectric power plants and 5.6% from nuclear power plants, Observing these data we can infer that renewable sources are needed to solve this situation, since the sustainability of energy sources is difficult due to the current rate of energy consumption.

On the other hand, the conventional use of fossil fuels for energy production can produce some gases such as carbon dioxide CO2, this gas has currently caused a stir because of the large amounts that are concentrated in the atmosphere, although it is a gas that acts in the greenhouse effect, an essential phenomenon for life on earth and to maintain an adequate temperature, but its excess like other gases has caused an increase in temperatures, which many of us know as global warming.

Carbon dioxide production and its effect on global warming

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Therefore, it is necessary to implement sustainable solutions with the use of natural sources depending on the context of the ecosystem where we are, for example, there are regions where the intensity of solar radiation is greater, in others the winds predominate, in the particular case of the southern area of the lake where I am the intensity of solar radiation is greater, therefore, this radiation could be converted directly into electricity through photovoltaic devices that will serve for various domestic uses.

Use of solar panels

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Dear readers, to conclude it is important to emphasize that one of the most important sources of energy is sunlight, which is important for plant life, that plants perform their photosynthesis process converting it into biomass essential for human life, the same author Gonzalez notes that the Earth intercepts solar energy at a rate equivalent to 178 000 TW (terawatts), which is equivalent to about 13 000 times the 13 TW that correspond to the rate of energy consumption at the present time. I hope that this information will serve as general culture for all those who in one way or another watch over the proper functioning of our ecosystems, if we implement technologies such as photovoltaic cells, surely many problems of energy consumption will be reduced.

Bibliographic references
  • González, J.(2009). Renewable energies. Editorial Reverté. Barcelona

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Hi @amestyj

Notice this you mention "In the case of the southern area of the lake where I am the intensity of solar radiation is higher, therefore, this radiation could be converted directly into electricity through photovoltaic devices that will serve for various domestic uses", the question is, because governments regardless of scale, institutions or even private enterprise do not see this potential, or is that just if they see it but are indolent before this possibility to solve the problems?

Best regards, be well.

Greetings friend. It is necessary and urgent to seek new clean energy alternatives, and sustainable and inexhaustible solutions in this way we can improve the quality of life and stabilize the economy of our country, photovoltaic energy would be an alternative that could be exploited as they are clean energy, which can be collected through solar panels and transformed into electricity. Thank you for sharing your article.

Hi @amestyj
I see no other better option, and less polluting than to be able to use solar energy, in view of the fact that it is there for everyone, and that it can be much more exploited than it currently is.
I can deduce that currently the technology is heading towards finding better ways to use it. At least I hope so.

There is no doubt that our model of energy consumption and production needs urgent changes, we need to migrate to technologies and ways of producing clean energy but also to reduce our voracious hunger for energy, otherwise any production model will be unsustainable over time.

Greetings friend @amestyj an urgent issue for the planet and the people who inhabit it, which refers to the "Sustainable Solutions", and especially in a country like Venezuela where it makes an Inclement Sun, and could use solar panels for electricity, and thus avoid both use of fossil fuels, brings many damages through the gases emitted, and causing the sun's rays enter more not leave and increasing global warming, thank you very much for your article

Greetings @amestyj, certainly the energy consumption of our planet to develop large industrial processes that seek to improve our quality of life are significantly impacting our ecosystem, we have heard daily the interest of many countries to take care of our ecosystem but they are only words none does nothing. We must make the most of our geographical advantages and as you mentioned in the south of the lake the solar radiation is very strong and we must take advantage of this situation.