Some considerations on ethics

Dear readers, first of all, ethics from my perspective refers to the values of a person, and to forge those values there must be an intrinsic process through experiences or empirical learning, for no one is a secret that the common space where values are inculcated and built is our home.

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In the same sense, authors such as Contreras (2012), point out that the purpose of ethics is the morality that exists in all people, when he speaks of morality he refers to ideas such as good, bad, lawful, unlawful, among others. It also mentions that morality is evident at the time of making decisions because it has to do with the actions of men in relation to their conscience and responsibility, that is, it is important that each person develops his activities in a clear, transparent and effective way. Clear, transparent and effective.

According to the author, it is of great relevance that from a very early age we instill values in our children with what we consider to be good or bad. Nowadays, in society there are norms or rules that have been imposed over time that condemn what is right or wrong, such as stealing and also plagiarism could be considered an immoral act when a blogger, student or researcher is in full knowledge of the rules that must be met for the development of an article and still decides to decide to violate certain rights.

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That is why it is necessary to be clear about how necessary values are, to be an integrated person that transmits confidence in any space, which surely from the personal point of view will allow you to strengthen your family by building people with a sense of responsibility and respect and from the professional point of view will surely allow you to obtain great achievements progressively.

Bibliographic references
Contreras, A. (2012). Design of the code of ethics for the national federation of savings and credit cooperatives. San Carlos University of Guatemala.

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Hello @amestyi!
Very important what you present in your article, as parents we have the responsibility to promote values to our children, as currently many of the problems that occur in adolescents is due to the absence of values in society, and stress its importance at home, at work, and throughout his life. Thanks for sharing, greetings!


Hello @yusvelasquez, it is a pleasure for me to greet you, we agree that at home we begin to cultivate values and today with all the controversies that are seen in society we must be more aware of the steps they take.

See you later, have a great week.

Hello @amestyj

Excellent reflective content, it is true what you mention "it is of great relevance that from a very young age we instill in our children values with what we consider good or bad", we are the example of our children and certainly we must teach them the good but also to recognize the bad, that will give them a real perspective of life. Blessings to the family.

Best regards, be well.


Hello dear @lupafilotaxia, as parents we agree like the rest of the colleagues who have left their appreciation in the article that values begin to be forged at home, and as you rightly say we are the example of our children, they will always be aware of our actions.

Thank you for your valuable comment, have a great week.

It is always great to read about values, because it is something that is constantly being lost as we must constantly remind them, at home, at work, at school, in life in general, to teach the child values so that as an adult he/she does not stray from them.
thank you for your contribution


Hello dear @joseph1956, thanks to you for leaving your valuable comment, you are absolutely right nowadays it is difficult to read content that talks about values, some of today's topics tend to be superficial, they want to program us to be people of that type, but in us who are part of another generation is to continue cultivating values and continue filling the youth with good values.

See you later, have a great week.