The most powerful and complex network ever

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The difficulty in Bitcoin mining, or the complexity of the network, reached its historical maximum with the new adjustment of this Monday, July 13. This milestone occurred shortly after the hash rate (processing power) also reached a new high. Currently, the processing difficulty in the network is 17.35T, with an increase of nearly 10% compared to the last period, which was 15.78T.

This difficulty adjustment was preceded by a rebound in Bitcoin's hash rate. According to data from, the 7-day average of the cumulative processing power of the network peaked above 125 EH/s on July 7. That number also represents a record high for the network, according to the registry.


Following the reduction of mining rewards, Bitcoin's hash rate dropped more than 16%. However, that drop was less than that predicted by some predictions. Industry analysts came to consider a possible downturn of up to 30% in Bitcoin's computing power.

The drop that occurred was already reversed. Both the hash rate and the difficulty are at all-time highs, signaling that network activity maintains the same strength it had prior to halving. The greater the processing power, the greater security in the network. A hypothetical attack is more difficult and expensive as the accumulated power is higher.

At the same time, the behavior of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market remains stable.

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Personally, I expect Bitcoin to continue its rise to a $20,000 value.


That would be fine

Hello @apoloo1

There was a lot of talk about what would happen to the Halving. However, everything has remained stable. I think what happened in those days around halving, before and after, was more about your prayers than anything else. Even now all that is behind us and it is still the main currency.


Tu estas aprendiendo del mejor profesor hermano jejejej


Gracias broth....
La idea es cada día aprender un poco más. Por suerte uno se consigue gente en el camino que está dispuesta a ayudar.

Lots of predictions came before the halving and we got a different result after the halving reminding us that the crypto currency space cannot be easily predicted.