GPU prices are finally down in India

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Guys if you are currently looking to buy a Gaming PC for yourself then I would suggest that you wait one more month before you do so, the reason is pretty simple and straightforward. GPU prices are getting slashed and you might get a deal you will be happy to talk about with your friends.

This time it feels like the price will actually slash down to its original price because we have already seen some dips in the price of NVIDIA 30 Series GPU's and it is a significant drop in price. For example, a 3060 Ti which was going around for almost 95000 INR is currently available at around 79000 INR which is a 15000 INR drop in price, which is indeed good but I feel like the prices will drop even further and I have two main reasons for that.


Indian Government is currently in the process of discussing a Crypto Bill in the Parliament and that has a lot of people talking and discussing the future mining possibilities in India if they have any. For starters, Mining could be made harder just by adding in an extra Electric Bill if you Mine, and that would significantly drop the profitability of Mining. even if you can mine solo on your Computer without notifying anybody still the Profitability wouldn't be enough to Continue and the Retailers are getting rid of their Stockpile just expecting that.


The second reason is the fact that Ethereum which is the most profitable Crypto to Mine will be moving to Proof of Stake which means people can no longer Mine Ethereum which will most likely reduce the demand for Graphics Cards for Miners which in turn will lead to Retailers lowering their Prices if GPU's and I really hope this happens as the price of GPU's in India is just crazy.

Personally, I would love for the GPU prices to go down as I would love to upgrade my NVIDIA 2070 Super to an NVIDIA 3070 Super as that would be more of a Future Proof thing for me.


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We can't get any gpus here