Covid-19: Lessons to learn for a brighter future

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Pollution - Source: Pexels

The human cost of Covid-19 has been immense and unfortunately, with months to go before a vaccine becomes available, we are still in for the long haul.

There have been so many side effects of the pandemic. I noticed when I walked around my local supermarket that most shelves are now full again, but not all. However, I also noticed that there are fewer variations of products. There aren't 50 different types of pasta but a lot more of a few types.

The change in pollution has been the most noticeable with reports showing the huge differences in the before and after effect of Covid-19. The sudden reduction in traffic is bringing wildlife back where we haven't seen it for years.

We have to ask ourselves, did we ever need such long supply chains? Couldn't some of the products have been sourced locally? Do we need fresh strawberries, every month of the year, that are shipped from the other side of the world when they are out of season? Did we all have to fly around the world for business meetings when we have now shown we can use videoconferencing?

The environment was dying before Covid-19. Our air was polluted. We now learn that not only pollution is attributed to higher death rates form Covid-19 but that also the virus attaches itself to air particles that are prevalent in polluted cities. The north of Italy is one of the most polluted places in Europe which could be why they suffered so much.

Clean Air - Source: Pexels

This week is the Petersberg Climate Dialogue XI which is a videoconferencing summit as a prelude to COP-26. There is growing support from some that we cannot let this opportunity pass. The environment challenge could be as bigger a killer as Covid-19 in years to come. Of course, any impact from a future pandemic could also be lessened if we took more care of pollution.

So isn't this the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes that last? I know we all miss seeing our friends and family during the lockdown and we cannot wait to get back to normal. I believe though there are some other things that we really need to look at to ensure we all have a better future.

Let's look at some of the things that have helped the environment and see which ones we can sustain going forwards.

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The pollution that was being caused to the environment before covid-19 was seriously killing us, and I hope this teaches us appropriately how to take care of our environment.


I hope so, we need to think very carefully before just going back to our old ways.

Yeah..I completely agree with your words as you wrote here. Covid -19 teach us big lessons. The nature preparing refresh mood again without industrial technology. This is a big chance for make positive changes to humans and then community. We have to think again our nature's protection.


I hope we can but do you think the world leaders will see it the same way and push for change?


No. The world leaders working on their own way. They find only industrial money. So they don't hesitate to destroy natural resources.

Couldn't some of the products have been sourced locally?

One thing that always gets me angry is the fact that, these items made locally are usually ignored and the ones imported is what we all fight for. The government of my country pays no attention to local products.


Exactly, we need to change that attitude. Its good to support local industry. Of course we need international trade but that shouldn't be for pointless reasons.

Would i say the COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot of good compared to harm, since the people that have died of COVID-19 aren't up to those who die of malaria daily.

Or should we say it is a necessary evil as factories in international trades are closed.


There are so many diseases that do not receive lots of focus, like malaria, because they are not impacting the rich countries. Covid-19 has been different as it has really impacted the richest countries in the world. That does have an economic impact across the whole world but it has also highlighted lots of problems with supply chains etc. that could be optimised much better.

We need to ensure that as things ramp up, we take a more sensible approach and consider the environment. That is not easy though as most big corporations are just after the money and will not have a reason to consider the environment. COP-26 has to address that, we must get a commitment from governments to support protecting the environment and furthering carbon emissions reductions along with other greenhouse gases.

A healthy environment will help the health of all world citizens.


There are so many diseases that do not receive lots of focus, like malaria

Malaria isn't spreading from human to human. It's easy to learn who is sick. That's s huge difference comparing to C19.


That is true and hence it doesn't spread to the people in the West so they can turn a blind eye. It would be different if it was on their doorstep.

I would hope we could use the world's knowledge to fight diseases in the world wherever they are and whoever they impact.


You have a very good point here. It will be different and it would have been a thing of concern if it was in the doorstep of every westerner.

We have to ask ourselves, did we ever need such long supply chains? Couldn't some of the products have been sourced locally?

We surely can do it now, thanks to technology. And thanks to the fact that China isn't cheap any more. However few years ago - those supply chains were financially simply more cost-effective.


I hope so. I think it takes some political will too and hopefully, we will see that in the coming weeks.

The virus has done a lot of bad, those who experienced it first hand will tell you this but the government authorization to close down all activities is one thing that has brought most of this environmental changes.


I think it has also taught us that another way is possible. I used to run around the country (and even the world) for meetings. In 2019 I must have taken 20-30 business flights during the year but now it is obvious that actually my work could mainly be done by videoconferencing. The only reason to be physically present is that we are social beings and we like to physically meet who we are dealing with. I think we need to change the habit and learn more about how to deal with people remotely.

A lot of things have changed this period from how we do things to how the environment looks to pollution. I must say the virus even in the midst of its evil has done a little good.


At least it has made us all think differently and reflect.

It is not a news that the current pandemic has helped in a lot of ways like having less waste thrown into the sky from company furnace as well as reforestation in places where deforestation already took place in the past.


Yes, there are countless examples around the world but I fear they will all be short-lived.

We are breathing in fresher air for sure. Let's see how humanity remembers COVID and takes the next step later on.


I live in a big polluted city and it is very evidently less polluted now. The air feels fresh!

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)