Do you prefer recognition or appreciation?


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Would you prefer recognition or appreciation for the work you have done? Have you ever considered that there is a difference?

At first thought, we may believe that they are the same but they are not.


Recognition is linked to results. Consider saying, "We would not have been successful in this task without Bob's work." We are giving Bob the recognition that he was key to the success achieved. We cannot, however, give recognition when targets haven't been met. For example, "It is a shame we didn't hit our targets but we recognise that Bob played a key part in that." The opportunity for recognition is therefore only present when results have been achieved.

Recognition is also a type of personal publicity that the more modest people may find hard to receive. So why some people may be highly motivated by the thought of receiving some recognition, others may find it is not the important aspect to them.


Appreciation is linked to gratitude. Consider saying, "Bob, I really appreciate the effort you have put into this task." Appreciation, therefore, is an acknowledgement of the value the person brings. It doesn't necessarily mean that we have achieved the results we wanted. We could say, "It is a shame we lost but I do really appreciate the effort you put into it.

However, appreciation is all about you helping me (or helping the organisation). That is, we appreciate the effort you did to help us achieve. Too much appreciation from senior management can seem insincere.

Use balance

Many organisations may have recognition schemes. Employee of the month or something similar. The problem with that is that we may be working in an environment where it is very difficult to achieve results. Alternatively, we could be working where there are lots of people achieving results and it is difficult to recognise everyone.

It is important to use both recognition and appreciation to truly motivate the team. People respond differently to the two and concentrating on one form of feedback and leave some people out. Recognise the results but appreciate people's endeavours.

Which do you prefer - recognition or appreciation?

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I believe to me the two sometimes goes in hand but anyday I will prefer appreciation because it has a way of motivating ones inner confidence to do more much more than recognition but at the same time if the both can come

I prefer that there be a balance between appreciation and recognition, I see that taking a balance is can motivate people much more and make more profit.

people are grateful and work hard when their work is recognized this gives them a sense of belonging that helps the development of the organization

Hello friend, personally I prefer to receive appreciation for the activities you performed, because the effort and dedication are recognized even if the results are negative and of course it would be good to receive an economic stimulus.

I mean I want both, recognition and appreciation, for this I should get a balanced employer with a humanist sense !

Good article, reflects what can happen in some companies 👍

The truth is that I think the two are important and should go hand in hand in any company. Whether the objectives are met or not, managers or leaders must recognize the work of their employees. You may not be able to reward them with something extra financially, but the fact that they recognize your work is very important. Or at least to me it is.

I still prefer recognition to appreciation anywhere and anytime because appreciation is just a temporary effect while recognition is long-term.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

@awah as per my thinking both are interrelated to each other it's totally depends on situation what the situation demands at that time. Both gives motivation and enjoyment to the person.

In my opinion I really think recognition can also be likened to appreciation, the reason why I am being recognized is because my impact is felt so it is all good.

I am not someone who likes to be shown/displayed so an act of appreciation is enough for me.