Establishing Trust is Vital for Attaining Success

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Every entrepreneur and business leader should concentrate on establishing a high degree of trust within the organisation to facilitate efficiency and effectiveness. Trust should be instilled in relationships between management, staff, customers and vendors. In fact, trust is not just important for business but for any organisation or relationship due to its effect on efficiency and effectiveness.


We have efficiency in a business with we have slick processes where we have cut any superfluous actions. We have made the processes as lean as possible. A lack of trust always drives inefficiencies.

A couple of years ago I needed to travel to the US for business. Seems straightforward enough right? However, due to profiling and stereotyping, my initial visa was rejected. I went through a lengthy visa application process involving interviews and background checks. When I finally got my visa, I was checked at every point of my journey. My clothes and laptop were swabbed before I boarded the plane and when I arrived, I was taken to an interview room and asked virtually the same questions as my original application. I ended up doing 7 trips to the US with a year and each time I went through the same gruelling process.

So what is the point of this story? The lack of trust from the US authorities made them put in loads of controls and checkpoints to mitigate their perceived risk. All the checks cost time and money. In fact, in business, whenever we have a lack of trust we put controls in place that always cost time and money.

So if you can build a high degree of trust, then you can get away with some of your process controls. I am not suggesting being reckless but consider if there is another way rather than just accepting a lack of trust in your business processes.


Effectiveness happens in business when our staff do well what they are supposed to do. Where efficiency is about the process, effectiveness is about people.

When I was young, I was asked to read a Shakespeare Sonnet at someone's wedding. I had never been given such a privileged task before. I didn't particularly like Shakespeare and at the time, I hated speaking publicly. However, for the first time in my life, I practised and practised. I went to find someone who could help me with my presentation style and on the day, I amazed everyone that I had read it so professionally. So why? For me, it was because I had been trusted with such an honour. The trust bestowed in me was the motivation I needed to try to perfect the task.

In our business worlds, giving a degree of trust to our staff will enable them to foster pride in their work. They will strive to do a better job that will lead to effectiveness. When we do not trust our staff, they notice this low-trust attitude and they are more like to work with resentment and ineffectiveness. Again, the lack of trust costs time and money.


I am very passionate about trust. As a business leader, I see it as the first thing I need to build in my work environment and with my team. I will introduce in some future posts how we can build trust in the work environment.

Do you feel you have an environment of high trust in your business?

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Hello friend @awah, great post.

It is a great lesson that we must take into account and not only in business I think that this is beneficial in any area and type of leadership.


So true, it also applies to our family, for example, how we do with our children.

Thanks for your comment @fucho80 my friend.

Establishing in a certain way an environment of confidence in a business company in its workers, leader and others involved make the business can be entrepreneurial, because if there is confidence all the processes involved are given in a more optimized way.

Greetings and thanks for sharing this publication


Hi @carlos84

I agree confidence makes everything run smoothly. Thanks for your comment.

@awah trust and encouragement are the key to success , without this no one can be successful. one should follow his stint about trust.


Hi, thanks for your comment. We should all concentrate on building trust.

Hello @awah very good topic, I agree with you, we must always carry the confidence with us, of course without excesses, as we could pass as a know-it-all, and that's not the idea either. We must have confidence in what we do to be able to generate confidence in others, and of course in our work environment is very important!

Besides, if we feel confident in ourselves, we will be able to face anything, no matter how difficult it may seem, it will not be an impossible one.


You are right that we need to be confident but displaying overly confident behaviour my come across as arrogant. However, the right level will help us to take other people on the journey with us.

Thanks for your comment @franyeligonzalez

One of my biggest problems is the embassy and the international airport. The stereotyping and the lengthy interview with a final reject stamp can be very annoying.

Trust is one thing people need to build for smooth and steady business.


I understand why they do it and it is very annoying. It is because we live in a world with so little trust but the trust has been destroyed by others.

We all need to work and build on trust. Thanks for your comment @ajewa

Good evening @awah , actually trust is everything. For example if you are working somewhere and if you build trust there And you will be upgraded. It is also applicable on steemit which is called your reputation score. :p


It is also applicable on steemit which is called your reputation score. :p

I hadn't thought of that. Yes, trust is important everywhere and it can open so many doors in life.

Trust is important in every business setting, it is just usually difficult to find the right team members to trust.


You are right. And trust is not a given, it has to be built. Which means we need to actively work in establishing trust. To do that, we sometimes need to make ourselves a little bit vulnerable to lower our own guard first.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)