My content writing story on Hive and Steem

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Someone was talking to me about my consistency in writing articles on Hive. I'm proud to say that I somehow make at least one article per day on Hive (formerly on Steem). I have made this a good practice for over a year now. I have that as one of the daily activities in my life. I just pick some random topic that interests me and write an article on that. Sometimes it can be hard to get a good topic to write and sometimes I will even feel like writing 5 articles per day. Most of the time my articles will have a minimum of 500 words. At times it can even cross 700 easily.



I have to agree that posting consistently on Hive every single day is not an easy task. I had this problem during my early days. When I started my journey on Steem blockchain, I did not post anything during the first month. I guess I spent nearly a month trying to read some articles here to understand how this all works. Every single day we will be having some learning and during the first month for me, I had so much to learn especially being a developer I admired this technology so much during my initial days.

Later I realized that this is a pure content creation platform and engagement is very important here. Only then I started writing articles. During my early days I used to spend more than 4 hours writing a single article. If I choose a topic that requires some research it would even go beyond 4 hours. Before I started my journey on Steem, I already had some content writing experience. I was writing some medical articles for a client. The contract came to an end and that is when I started looking online for opportunities and I ended up on Steem.



When I started writing articles during the early days, I used to write only one or two articles per week. Even that was very difficult for me. I was wondering how people were able to write multiple articles per day and also engage a lot in the comments section as well. The initial articles did not give me any rewards and that was also a demotivating factor. Later I decided that Consistency, persistence, and determination are the 3 things to be successful on this platform and I started working towards that.

I made sure that I wrote at least a minimum of one article per day. When there were decent rewards for writing articles, I even wrote up to 5 articles per day which also includes my steem hunt contributions as well. But it was hard to write that many articles. I missed the consistency in a few days by not writing anything. Later I decided to stock up some articles so that I can post them when I have zero motivation to write articles. That strategy has worked out well. But most of the time that brings laziness as well. I'm happy to share that these days even on Hive, I'm able to write at least one article per day.



Today to be frank I have writer's block and I don't feel like writing an article. I thought of taking an article and posting from my stock but no article was there. I then found this topic that will interest me and started writing on that. I have now practiced myself to write something every single day. Something that comes to my thought which gives me a great feeling. Even if rewards are not there, writing as become a part of my daily activity and I spent at least one hour per day writing something that comes to my thought. I would like to recommend the same for all my friends here as well.

Practice the habit of reading something and writing something every day

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My story is pretty much similar except the fact that I became involved in @utopian-io and I never felt like posting much. But now I feel like posting every single day and to be honest, I sometimes struggle to find the topic. However, somehow, I have been able to write posts regularly and I hope that it continues.

I see myself a lot in the words you say. So many ups and downs since I started writing on Steemit. And laziness unfortunately haunts me. 😬 But I want to follow your advice for writing articles and keep them aside for those periods without inspiration. Thanks for sharing your post.😊

Man, you entertained me and inspired me, simply by writing an article on a day in which you didn't feel inspired yourself to write an article. That is great!

And yes, I do believe it is very important to have a habit of writing, and to do so consistently. Of course, the big artists are working based on inspiration often, meaning that they write when the inspiration come, and when it's gone... well, then they go to the beach.

It can be hard to find the balance there, but I guess that many people are rather just lazy (and not writing for that reason), and that it hasn't really got so much to do with inspiration.

Seriously, receiving votes on this platform does not have anything to do with how well you are able to write, and those days when you will definitely go blank will come.

You can only survive here if you take writing as your passion and this means that on the good and bad days, we will keep writing either we receive rewards or not.

We only hope to find the right support system on this platform and I am happy I found project hope.