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Let me introduce you first to my job. I’m working for my dad ,he is one of the shareholders of the company. My dad asked me to help to make the processes far more efficient than they were. So I agreed to it and now I’m sitting in a office staring to my screen because of lack of inspiration.( maybe good to know is that I don’t get paid for what I do ( it was my own idea😊). I’m telling you this story because of my work 2 people will get fired and they don’t now it jet but I do. This company only has 10 full timers so it is a big deal. I have to work every day with this people knowing that they will be fired in a month. For me it’s hard to laugh with them because of this, I told my dad already that I don’t like that he told my this. His reaction was “it’s good for you that you learn to handle these type of things”. So I don’t know what I should do in these situation and I hope I can learn something from this.
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