what have trump and religion in common?

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Hello friends :)

First let’s talk about religion and why religion is stupid. Stupid? Yes stupid. Religion is found all over the world and it’s something that holds for ages, because religion has made it’s story on something that’s incredible difficult to understand for any human being. It’s has made it’s story about how the world has been created and not only that ,who created it as well. Isn’t it beautiful a story, understandable for every human and also extremely charming. For myself it’s incredible difficult to understand that people believe in this type of stories. So I made a story myself to help you understand religion.
donald trump.jpg
Lets say: ‘I believe that trump is a good president’ I now it’s not true, there is no evidence that’s true or not, there is not any way of rational thinking that supports this statement and I still believe he is a good president, why?

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Is a question of your core belief and only you can understand.


Is a question of
Your core belief and only
You can understand.

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You just addressed in the same post the 2 main Topics that we rejected in Project Hope: Politics and Religion.

it will be muted.


alright ,I'm sorry I didn't know that