what is a relation?

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Have you ever been to a birthday party when one of your family members don’t ask you if you have a relation? I don’t think so, at least for me, there has not been any birthday party that I can remember without this question. The worst thing is that it seems, in the eyes of the person who ask the question, that it is something bad to not be in a relation. For your information: not being in a relationship is not something bad. Actually people often go to fast in a relation, because they don’t know what they need. They think that a relation solves al problems and make them happy. So if your are a single be proud of it, don’t feel lonely, feel blessed, because I see to many relation around me that are more ‘fish love’ than real love. Fish love is when someone tells you: ‘oh god I love the fish’. So you love the fish? Is that’s why you took the fish out of his nature, killed it and finally boiled in hot water. You don’t care about the fish, the fish is just filling your needs on that exact moment. Fish love is not loving someone else it’s loving yourself. You can tell yourself that you love someone, but ask yourself than what love is about?
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