Are you Blurting?

2개월 전

I've been crossposting a lot lately but mostly to Steem and Publish0x. Recently, I added Blurt to the list since it is pretty much the same thing as posting on Steem, so why not.


The problem with Blurt is that it is really boring. Even more boring than Steem, but seeing as blurt's a watered-down version of Steem, I'm not surprised.

As underwhelming as Blurt may be, it is nothing like Uptrennd. We know that the views there are largely botted up but the text editor and the conversations are very cringe "professional".

My main motivation for blurting is @trumpman's cross shitposts on the platform. The potato is actually making $5 from his posts and I want some of that money too. If you're blurting, go to my damn profile and jerk me, while I tell Jesus to bless you with your heart's desires.

I will write blog posts about, Finance, Fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Link to gig

All I need is a topic, tone of the post and any extra information you'd like me to add. If you choose to patronise me, I assure you that all our conversations will be kept private.

I will write insightful football articles

Link to gig

Contact me


If you would like to patronise me or have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment with your contact information or reach me through any of the following channels;

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I post on Blurt but I expect nothing. I am accumulating the token and maybe one day it will moon, who knows.


Not a bad approach

Greetings friend, I will take your information into account to join blurt I have heard a lot about this platform lately. One question is what kind of content can be published there?


SO far, I think you can post just about anything there. It is just a bit quiet because people are just jerking themselves and their friends


Ok thanks for the information !

Blurt?? I might check it out
Thanks for the eye opener

Hello, dear friend @belemo.

I've been blurting for a while.
I have managed to accumulate some of BP.
I have also noticed that the Blurt token is increasing in value considerably, for this reason it looks like a favorable investment. In my opinion.