Every day is a dollar closer to escaping this hell


I don't know how I'm going to do it but I have to get the entire fuck out of this country. Every second I spend here is draining my life force and I legitimately feel trapped in this place. Yesterday, the government sanctioned yet another shooting of live rounds at unarmed protesters that were complaining against violence.

I really want my country to be better but there are entities in charge who prefer the system to be corrupt and useless. Every time I think about this country, I think about being far away from it. It brings me to conversations I had with @trumpman about getting the hell out of the place and I swear, it really hit me hard yesterday.

I've been saving to sort out things that need to be sorted out before I can leave the country and every dollar I get from Leo, hive or any other hustle is going to be focused on achieving the dream. I tried applying for a scholarship in the Erasmus Mundus thingy and they told me I need to write English proficiency exam. So, I'm scheduling that for the first quarter of next year.

I'm officially sick of it here and I swear, it feels like a part of me dies with every breath I take in this place. My heart is broken from all the violence I've seen but instead of letting it destroy me, I will channel this anger and frustration into plotting my escape.

I know you want to say that every society has its own problems and I agree with you on that, however, I will gladly trade my problems with yours. I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but the issue is that the grass on my side is dead, so it surely can't get any worse.

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Hope you're ok, I wish you luck with the English exam, reading your articles I can say with a high degree of confidence that you'll do just fine. Take much care.