Fighting inflation with inflation


Okay, maybe the headline is a bit misleading but the point is that I'm coping with the rise in the price of simple consumer goods with cryptocurrencies.

Naira, as you may or may not know is a shitcoin. The country is ruled by bloodthirsty people that would rather kill all the youths than put an end to police brutality, alas, I digress.

The inflation rate has gotten to the point that I'll have to make wholesale changes to my life. First change that I made since is that I converted all my funds to cryptocurrency. I only hold a tiny bit of naira for everyday stuff like soap, foodstuff and shit.

The price of food has been a major concern for me lately. Since the country is run like a fucking zoo, the leaders have no idea about how to curb inflation and manage the economy. So, the price of everyday items like egg, tomato paste and rice have skyrocketed.

I generally cook for myself but I've really not been myself for the past couple of days because of all the protests going on. However, in the near future, I will be making a few changes to my life that includes:

  • Using fresh tomato instead of tomato paste
  • Spend less on alcohol(yes, you've heard it before)
  • Quit rice and focus on Spaghetti. Not the same thing but I can't kill myself.

I'll make new rules on the fly, so nothing is set in stone. Thanks to the fact that I'm fully cryptolised, my assets are traded against the dollar, meaning they won't be tanking like naira and even if they tank, I'm still in the green because shitcoin cost averaging.

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I will write insightful football articles

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healthy food is always a good idea, especially in countries in crisis like Venezuela or Africa.I recommend you grow your own vegetables, in my case, I live in an apartment and grow oregano, onion and sweet pepper That helps me save some money


Africa isn't a country