Investing in my internet, professional course and balancing my crypto portfolio

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One of my biggest challenges has been paying for the internet. It is one of my most frustrating recurrent bills because it's generally expensive for the usual tiny quantity that we end up buying.

I thought I was saving money by buying those small plans but I always ended up finishing the monthly plan two weeks into the month. So I end up buying the monthly plan twice in a month.

On average, we spent roughly 15,000 per month on the internet in our household. If you multiply that by 12 months a year, that's like 180,000 Naira($350 per year) on the internet.

The only problem is that we'd spend like 5000 three times and for that 15k, we get around 60GB worth of internet bundle. All that changed when I started researching some jumbo professional plans.

I went to my Internet service provider, MTN, to make inquiries about their router and the subscription plans. To my surprise, the cumulative amount for the router and my subscription plan was slightly cheaper than what I'd normally pay.

Sometimes you get more for paying less

The subscription plan I paid for costs 150,000Naira for the entire year and it comes with 2TB worth of internet. It also comes with 2.12TB worth of bonus data for the first month, so technically, the 2TB we paid for is for 11 months.

So, at the end of the day, if you divide the data plan for the 11 months, I end up with 181GB per month, against the 60GB per month I was getting from my "cheaper plan".

The router itself costs 25000 Naira. So the total cost of my first-year sub is 175,000Naira. Again, this is far cheaper than the 180,000Naira I'd have spent, especially if you consider the fact that I'm getting 120 more GB of internet bundle.

Funding school with crypto...again

Yeah, I've not been too present lately and it's because I'm studying for a professional exam. The easy part is writing the exam but the most difficult part is preparing for the oral exam.

Funny thing is that I don't have any use for the certification right now but I'm just trying to gather as many documents as possible that will smoothen our relocation plans.

I'll probably still need to do a few courses at the country I'm potentially moving to, but I reckon it'll be more like a refresher. For now, I'm gearing up mentally for the program.

Selling, Balancing and Reinvesting

I had to sell some Hive, and a bit of my DEC to sort out this payment. The sale had an adverse effect on the amount of SPS I receive, but I intend to cover that gap by accumulating SPS tokens and then swapping them for DEC when the price is right.

I've had to be constantly checking myself to make sure that I'm hurting my investment because of all the sales I've been doing since. I reckon after this exam, my selling rate will dramatically reduce until next year.

Also, for now, most of my funds are coming from Splinterlands and so, I have to brace myself for any potential impact that the inevitable bear market will have on assets.

If the bear hits too hard, I could find myself in a bad position. I have to make tough decisions for myself and my family, even if it will affect the battle capacity of my deck.

It's slow and steady but our lives are getting better, and we'll keep taking one step at a time to sustain it.

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Greetings, pal!
I admire your ability to strike a nice balance between your studies and your blockchain business, and I think it's fantastic that you're investing in the internet in this way.
We all have the tools and ingredients to start our own business from the comfort of our own homes, but we need the mentality to begin investing these resources wisely.
Keep up the good job, it's a great article!