One million registered accounts on Splinterlands, I pulled a legendary and summoner spellbook giveaway

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Describing anything as "unstoppable" often portrays an individual looking through an optimistic lens but it's hard not to feel anything but that for Splinterlands.

Yesterday, Splinterlands officially hit one million registered accounts, a target that I suspected would be hit this month by the way.

Judging by recent events, I can't say that this was a surprise. The writing has been on the wall for a while now and so this insane growth in the database is not surprising.

Hitting one million registered is no simple feat, especially when you consider how small the crypto space is. However, one interesting thing about numbers and growth in the crypto industry is that it's often logarithmic.

So don't be surprised if the registered accounts get to 10 million in the same time it has taken to reach 1 million.

You can't hide the light

Splinterlands is one of the most trending topics in the crypto space today, so the rapid rise in the user base isn't too surprising.

I'm actually very pleased with this growth and I'm very excited about how this will affect the gaming experience.

Naturally, the competition will also be reflected in the asset market and so you can expect the value of cards to go on another "bull run" of sorts.

In any case, you don't want to be sitting outside when good things are happening inside, so if you're reading this and haven't joined in the action, it's not too late.

In fact, technically speaking, getting in now still sort of makes you an early adopter of the game. You will have the opportunity to front-run the entire potentially starry-eyed industry that will inevitably be trooping in soon.

Different capacities

One thing I like about the Splinterlands project is the fact that there are multiple ways to benefit from the platform.

The gaming experience has been improved over the years and it still stands out as the easiest way to join the fun.

Other than gaming, there's still opportunity from writing Splinterlands content particularly on hive blockchain, and standing the chance of earning from your content.

So whether you're talking battle or investment strategies, then you should consider posting on hive. I suspect many Splinterlands players aren't even aware of the fact that their account also gives them access to numerous blogging and social media platforms on hive blockchain, so this is my timely reminder.

So while I try to bring more people into Splinterlands from the blogging side, I'm also trying to bring push people the other way by encouraging them to write more about Splinterlands and add to the thousands of people already publishing daily about the game. There's no such thing as too much publicity, so yeah, lend your voice whenever you can.

Other than posting, you can also earn from curating(liking) content on hive. To achieve this, you simply just buy hive and stake it then like posts. Alternatively, and something I encourage is to buy and stake SPT from Hive-engine then curate.

Staking SPT is awesome since it adds to your SPS airdrop points. Then you can stake the SPS to earn more SPS, rinse and repeat to keep growing your portfolio.

Spellbook Giveaway

To celebrate achieving one million registered accounts on Splinterlands, I'll be buying a summoner spellbook for one random person that comments on this post.

You don't have to do anything fancy to be the winner. I'll just pick randomly in a provably fair manner and then buy the spellbook for the lucky winner.

I'll use one of those random selection apps to run the raffle when the post is 72hours old. I'll make it simple by using the position of each comment as numbers and then assign an accompanying number to it in the raffle. If someone comments multiple times, I'll only take one(the first) of their comments, to make it fair.

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