Over 1370% growth in usage, Ecosystem looking healthier than ever and more reasons to stake SPS

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If you think we've hit the peak mania for the Splinterlands parade, then you've probably not been keeping up with recent developments.

There's no other way to say it, Splinterlands is literally the hottest blockchain gaming application in the world right now. In almost every corner and tracking app, they're talking about how this game on Hive blockchain is setting the trail for the rest of the industry.

Naturally, the attention has led to more growth and development of the game. However, the interesting thing about this project is that it's nowhere near its peak value.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as Splinterlands is still valued below $1 Billion, then we're not there.

I feel like the value of the game hasn't quite caught up with the traffic. I think the correct term is undervalued.

Growth and more Growth

A recent Tweet from Dappradar described the amount of growth that Splinterlands has experienced in recent times.

According to the data, the usage has risen by an astonishing 1370%. Interestingly though, despite this growth, I suspect we're still far from our potential.

Looking at the quality of the game and the fact that there's still an expansion to include lands and other stuff, then it's safe to say that there's still some level of growth left on the back burner.

There's no certainty that the expansion will be successful and I can only base my feelings on the track record of the project.

I also believe that with the right amount of promotion, and injection of excitement both within and outside the community, then we're almost certainly going to be a huge success.

The only thing left to do will be to pick the colour of my Lambo. I favour blue but I'd like to go with red, so whenever the bear market hits, I'll see a sexy red that doesn't hurt my eye.

More positives

If you've not been battling, then this is the best time to get on it because battle rewards are kind of high right now.

At the current price of DEC, it seems the system is printing a bit more than usual to bring down the price to that imaginary peg.

Frankly, I don't think we need that. I think we should allow the market to decide the price.

In any case, virtually all the DEC being printed is completely gobbled up by the hungry market trying to get their hands on more SPS from the airdrop.

We're already a very long way from the imaginary peg, so there's nothing to worry about. Technically speaking, the market is proper bubble territory right now and so, one could make proper gain from battling at these prices.

This is also the best time to use your DEC to improve your deck. So start looking out for monsters you can buy to improve your battle capacity.

Also, SPS staking is at a fever pitch right now. If you're not actively staking SPS right now, you're missing out on some long-term goodness.

I'm mixing it up right now, staking some and selling some. I don't want to be caught napping in times of plenty, so I'm holding out for when prices drop, so I can buy more.

I'm also pulling out to finance our exit plans, so there's that.

Keep moving

I don't want to jinx it but it seems like the internet is a little bit better than before. It seems they're slowly bringing back the service.

Last night, I was even able to play COD online for a brief moment before it started acting up again, so that's positive.

I'm going to be battling my ass off and stacking as much as I can. There's so much to earn and so little time to do it, so you have to make every second count.

Contact & Support

  • Discord: belemo#9593
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/belemo__
  • Telegram: uncleskipper
  • Email: belemok@yahoo.com
  • Hive.vote page
  • ETH and BSC wallet: 0xC75E34E3ee9a343041B3322E1bD97b4940Ed721d
  • Bitcoin Address: bc1q635vre2jj9zhde9cyvflyz4h9c0p57gg3s3yre

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At least you generate money. :)

In many case, I believe splinter land game lover will be thanking their star that they are still in the game


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