Placing my faith in second layer tokens

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Every time I rave about the importance of second layer tokens to the community, I like to stress that they're not competing with hive but are in fact leveraging and complementing the underlying tech that Hive runs on. Okay, now that is out of the way, let's get to the crux of the matter; hive-engine tokens.


If Leo success has taught us anything, it has shown us the importance of being part of communities on hive as a whole. Nobody outrightly says it but whenever you interact with Leo holders, you feel the bullishness about them. Most of them have no intention of selling and as @trumpman always says, as long as Khal doesn't die, you get the feeling that Leo's current upward trend is only the start of something substantial.

Other than Leo, there are quite a lot of second layer tokens and I've been exploring a few of them. My underlying criterion for buying a token was that I would use it to curate vigorously, daily. Other than leo, every other front-end still use the curation curve thingy so I'll probably not do so well but it is better than nothing.

My interest in a token is usually based on how I intend to use it or who hyped it. For example, I put in a buy order of like 1 million Sports because I saw @uyobong shill it. I'm also in the market for more SPT and buying some Neoxag. Even though I don't know what they're about, there's some momentum at their end, so no harm in throwing a few hundred hive that way.

Just like everything else, the price of Hive took a kick in the nuts. I can't say for sure how long this RedZone rally will continue, so I might as well put my Hive to work in other Hive front ends.

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@uyobong sure does keep SPORTSTALKSOCIAL in the feeds.

I wrote about them through the @spinvest account last week.

LEO and SPORTS, Neoxian. What other ones have you checked out?

I suggest you look into CTP, they will help you get your business going.


Right now I have Leo, Neoxian, Sports, and SPT. I've seen a few things about the CTP project, I think I'll put some Hive there

Nice article i like personal perspective combined with token overviews. Also the fry meme clasic


haha. That meme is everlasting

I am involved in leo, sport, neoxian, ctp and what other one??


Same here except CTP. I will get that one later. There's also some Hustle token that you can add


I guess I am lost out of touch of that hustle token

Good article, interesting contribution of many terms which I must deepen.